SOL TRACKS HD Anthem Headphones

SOL TRACKS HD Anthem Headphones Review

SOL TRACKS HD Anthem Headphones Review Have you seen the size of kids these days? Something like 80 percent of them look like condoms filled with jelly. It’s a national crisis. Who can…

Melissa Roller. Photo by Steve Cain

Missfire | Issue 53

Words by Dave Amador

Adam Dyet Interview

Adam Dyet Adam Dyet [1] Adam Dyet likes to sing along and dance to anything top forty. [2] Adam Dyet is an avid fisherman (nothing wrong with that). [3] Adam Dyet has a criminal record starting…

Sage Francis

SAGE FRANCIS | The Interview

SAGE FRANCIS It took a punk rock label to treat hip-hop with a little respect and dignity in the 2000s. Irony is not dead. Here the great Erik Nowak sits down with the hip…

Mr. Rory Parker strives to become a bitch of one of the female rippers at the Wicked Wahine Bowl Jam


    I went to the Wicked Wahine Bowl Jam to get laid. I figured that this might be one of my only chances to easily secure the vagina of a ripper.  I…

Words about Shane Beschen by Shane Beschen

The Shane Beschen Autobiography

Shane Beschen For me, it’s all about life and the love that I can give, the choices that I have made and the chances that I have taken. Circumstances out of my control…

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