AMBIG Modern Art

AMBIG | Modern Art The clothing brand known as Ambiguous has been toiling away for what seems like ages on the video project Ambig MODERN ART. The day has finally arrived for them…


Richer Poorer | Richer Poorer Socks

Richer Poorer Once upon a time there was no piece of apparel as lowly as the sock. The socks on your feet are not on your mind at all, unless, of course you…

Words By Kendall Klopfenstein

Derelict’s Guide To Portland Strip Clubs

Derelict’s Guide To Portland Strip Clubs The last time I talked to Migdol, he mentioned doing a piece on Portland, which not coincidentally, is where I live. I am a resident of the…


IVI Eyewear

IVI EYEWEAR Our old friend and colleague BG, send a couple of new styles from IVI’s spring collection down for us slide on to our faces. IVI Eyewear are not your mass-produced-cookie-cutter, sweat…



JOHN FLORENCE DONE The consumers of surf media have all witnessed the accent of John Florence. From those adorable early O’Neil ads to his first Triple Crown is safe to say that his…

Brixton Video

Brixton Clothing Spring 2013 Launch Video

Brixton Clothing Spring 2013 Brixton Clothing has just launched their spring 2013 collection with a launch Video.  Have a peek.

Conner Coffin


CONNER COFFIN AT HOME Once many many years ago, after watching me ride a wave at Swamis, Brad Gerlach paddled up to me and politely said, “Hope you don’t mind the advice, but…

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Jubilee Street

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Our favorite Australians, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds have just released their  latest video, “Jubilee Street”.  Jubilee Street is the on the band’s fifteenth studio album ‘Push The…


Michael Sieben Interview

Michael Sieben Interview by Shawn Rylander Everyone who skates knows a guy that gets the ball rolling. Whether it’s pumping a not so perfect pool, pouring renegade concrete, or building roller coaster backyard…


The Autobiography Issue

The Autobiography Issue Typically when a journalist interviews or writes about an individual they can paint whatever picture they want of the person. The end result is most often a total bunch of…

Interspecies Gay Marriage_v2

Interspecies Gay Marriage

INTERSPECIES GAY MARRIAGE It a bittersweet moment in any parent’s life, the day that their young one finds true love and leaves the nest to establish a family of his or her own. …

SOL TRACKS HD Anthem Headphones

SOL TRACKS HD Anthem Headphones Review

SOL TRACKS HD Anthem Headphones Review Have you seen the size of kids these days? Something like 80 percent of them look like condoms filled with jelly. It’s a national crisis. Who can…

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