Interview By Jacob Lawrence Photo by Justin Keena

Andrew WK

Andrew WK The following is an interview with Andrew WK we talk about foot fetishes, his new album and a host of other important things. Start reading now! “There is nothing either fundamentally…

By Jay Riggio with Vivan Sarratt

Mommy and Daddy | Band interview

Mommy and Daddy On my first attempt to interview Mommy and Daddy I literally almost shit my pants. Sixty seconds into my subway ride, an impatient sensation began to rise and nearly erupt…


The Bloodhound Gang

The Bloodhound Gang Nowak sits down with Willie the New Guy to find out what kind of weird hazing rituals he was subjected to when he joined The Bloodhound Gang’s. Start scrolling now!…

Words by Nowak

Finch | Interview

Finch Due to a lousy cordless phone, I was struggling to make out what was said at some points during this interview when I listened to the tape to transcribe it. It may…

Words By Nowak

Death By Stereo

Death By Stereo I was listening to the first Death By Stereo album, If Looks Could Kill I’d Watch You Die, and then listened to the new one, Death For Life, back-to-back.  It seems…

Sage Francis

SAGE FRANCIS | The Interview

SAGE FRANCIS It took a punk rock label to treat hip-hop with a little respect and dignity in the 2000s. Irony is not dead. Here the great Erik Nowak sits down with the hip…

By Nowak

Shadows Fall | Interview

Shadows Fall Start your clicking and scrolling to read this interview with the metal icons Shadows Fall.  Automatic: How many interviews does Shadows Fall have to do, and where does this one fall in line?…

Words by Nowak

HOT WATER MUSIC | The Interview

HOT WATER MUSIC I couldn’t think of a snappy introduction paragraph for this Hot Water Music Interview. My deadline has come and gone. Twice. The magazine is due to the printer tomorrow, and…

Interview by Nowak

Lamb Of God

Lamb Of God Ozzfest off-date band interview: Holy crap, was I wasted. At about 2pm, I was rushing to get through the streets of Baltimore to not miss my interview with Lamb Of God at…

Interview by Nowak

Every Time I Die

Every Time I Die Every Time I Die vocalist Keith Buckley talks to Nowak about getting used to Jagermeister, arrested on tour, and the Ozzfest.  I was at the VA Ozzfest. I heard…

Interview By Nowak

The Briefs Interview

What follows here is a interview with the Seattle based punk rock band The Briefs. I caught up with Lance Romance while he was sidelined from their European tour due to an injury….

Words By Nowak

Cattle Decapitation

Cattle Decapitation I called up Travis Ryan, vocalist of  Cattle Decapitation, while he was at a bowling alley in Omaha, Nebraska. He’s a socially-conscious vegetarian death/grind metal guy with a singing voice like…

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