Interview By Kris Anacleto

Jason “Muffin” Kuhns | Issue 54

Jason “Muffin” Kuhns How long has Jason “Muffin” Kuhns been working and riding for Urban? I’ve been working for Urban for about 6 years, but I ride for Revolution ride shop. Wait, you work…

Shit Talk Corner_53

Pat Rakestraw | Issue 53

Welcome to Shit Talk Corner. Each issue we give one lucky person the opportunity to spew as much shit as they can about a few randomly chosen topics we provide for them. The…

Words by Jay Riggio

Tampa AM 2007

Tampa AM 2007 I’ve always dreamed of attending the Tampa Am Contest on a high profile magazine assignment. I’d arrive at the contest as a high profile industry correspondent, quick to secure myself…

Words By Patrick Melcher

Northern Illinois

Northern Illinois If you are one of the pro’s who have come out of the Midwest section of America, you’re in a very small collective. And when Migdol calls you up to hear what…


Tyrone Taylor | Issue 53

Tyrone Taylor TYRONE TAYLOR, JUST SO YOU KNOW, I DIDN’T WRITE ANY QUESTIONS FOR THIS INTERVIEW, WE’RE GOING TO WING IT. Tyrone Taylor: Okay I have to first tell you Jim Ruonala [owner of…

Interview by Migdol

9/11 Conspiracy Theories With Dallas Rockvam

9/11 Conspiracy Theories About a year ago I was chatting with Dallas Rockvam and we got into this crazy conversation about the different conspiracy theories that developed out of the incidents of 911….

Words By Rory Parker

ARMAGEDDON: 10 Ways the Entire World Will End

ARMAGEDDON ARMAGEDDON IN THE END everything will disappear. Love, hope, trust, loyalty, life; no matter how hard we try to delude ourselves with a belief in the eternal, the fact is that the…

Words by Dave Amador

Adam Dyet Interview

Adam Dyet Adam Dyet [1] Adam Dyet likes to sing along and dance to anything top forty. [2] Adam Dyet is an avid fisherman (nothing wrong with that). [3] Adam Dyet has a criminal record starting…


Mike Franklin | Issue 52

Mike Franklin So, Mike Franklin why does everyone call you Owen? My name’s Mike but for some reason when I was eleven I was a little shithead. I caused all sorts of trouble and I…

Words and Photos By Blair Alley

Danny Wallace

Danny Wallace “I’ll just go and watch Danny Wallace skate.” You know someone is good when people take time out of their day to just watch a person skate. Such is Danny Wallace. Always…

Words By Dave Amador

Saints & Sinners: Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Salt Lake City is Hitler’s wet dream come true. The ethnic diversity that is the norm of other American cities doesn’t exist here. Radical fundamentalist Mormons still have a death…

Photos By Tadashi. Words By Shawn Rylander


CODY MCENTIRE Why is it that anyone who’s not from Texas thinks we Texans are a bunch of drunken-shotgun-wielding-cowboys or wealthy oil barrons? In this day and age you would think we would…

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