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Mike York | Issue 52

Mike York This issue our Shit Talker is Mike York. The rules of Shit Talk corner are: The Shit Talker must not say anything positive at all about the 5 random topics chosen for…

Daryl Angel Backside 180.
Photo: Dan Zaslavsky


LOVE In an effort to explore a more positive editorial path, we decided we should ask some of skateboarding’s great thinkers about the emotion of love. What could be more positive than love?…

Words By Rory Parker

What’s Right With Skateboarding?

What’s Right With Skateboarding? Words By Rory Parker If you didn’t know better you’d think that I hate skateboarding. I rarely have anything positive to say about it.  But, I really, really love…

Words and Photos by Kevin Marks

Toy Machine’s Suffer The Joy Premier

Suffer The Joy Suffer The Joy Premier. Words and Photos by Kevin Marks Toy Machine unveiled their latest film, SUFFER THE JOY, to a packed house at the ART Theater deep in the heart…


Zach Wagner | Issue 51

Zach Wagner. Interview by Shawn Rylander Photos: Randome Zach Wagner, you’re 19 years old and you’ve been working at Val Surf for three years? Yeah, it’s pretty easy and all my friends work there. That’s…

Chad Knight

Chad Knight | Issue 51

Chad Knight I have always known Chad Knight to be a nice soft-spoken kind of guy. I was a little surprised when he called me up and volunteered to spew hate in our…

Words by Rory Parker.  Photos By Edwin


DAMN AM AT VOLCOM 2006 The Damn Am was nuts this year.  I know it’s getting a bit clichéd to say this, but the ability of little kids is getting out of hand. …

Words By Jay Riggio


THE BRAWLERS Recently I was approached by a group of professional and amateur skateboarders who were greatly confused and saddened by their behavior while participating in various acts of violence.  Being the compassionate…

Words by Jay Riggio


DAVE BACHINSKY After I finished up my brief interview with Dave Bachinsky, he kindly asked if I would e-mail him our transcribed correspondence. This is not an unusual or outlandish request from any…

By Rory Parker

DIRTY HIPPIES on Skateboards

DIRTY HIPPIES on Skateboards I ran into my mother the other day while skating along down by the beach.  We got to talking and I mentioned to her that we were doing a…

Words By Migdol

David Gravette

It’s not easy picking the “Next Big AM” to feature here. The photos keep stacking up on the light table as list of heads who are waiting for interviews gets longer and longer….

Words by Shawn Rylander. Photos by Brian Fick


AUSTIN TEXAS So if you’ve never been to Texas before the only thing you probably know about Austin is it’s the home of Jake Nunn, Michael Sieben, and the Banana farm. All of…

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