Chris La Rue | Issue 50

Chris La Rue PHOTOS BY JOSHUA WORD WORDS BY MIGDOL So how long have you worked at Avalanche? Chris La Rue: About 2 years. What is the most fucked up thing to ever happen…

Words By Rory Parker

Burning Down The House With Daryl Angel

Burning Down The House With Daryl Angel A small child with a book of matches is a happy child indeed.  When you’re young, and blessed with innocent stupidity, the flicker of a flame…

Words Kermudgeon. Photos: Tadashi Yamaoda


Oakland Population (as of 1990) 372,241  Mayor: Jerry Brown (soon to be out of office) Mayor Elect: Ron Dellums What type of images seep into your mind when you envision the city of…


Fuel TV B.O.T.S. Coverage

Guru Khalsa

Guru Khalsa

Guru Khalsa IN the U.S. anyone that dons dark skin, a healthy beard and a knit cap aboard an airliner, is believed to be a terror threat.  I’m Italian.  It’s an ethnicity that…



Traveling and exploring foreign lands is one of the greatest experiences a skateboarder can have.  But what’s also amazing, is the many foreign women that you meet along the way. It really doesn’t…

Gareth and Marmite. Photo: Brendan Klein.

Man’s Best Friend

Man’s Best Friend Man’s Best Friend Dogs were the first animals to be domesticated by early humans. Early man recognized the benefits of having dogs around to warn them of predators and approaching…

Words By Jay Riggio

Out Of Business!

Out Of Business! I used to date this super hot chick that I somehow convinced to like me.  I don’t know what in god’s name it was she saw in me.  Perhaps she…

Clint Peterson

Clint Peterson Interview

Clint Peterson It’s been so long since i’ve gotten a chance interview anyone who can respond to my lame questions with wit and candor. I’ve been interviewing mind numb Ams for so long that…

Words By Jay Riggio

Piss Buckets

Piss Buckets For the past two years, I’ve battled a violent and horribly painful, physical affliction.  This bastard of a sickness is commonly referred to as, kidney stones.  Kidney Stones are basically tiny…

Words and Photos by Justin Keena

Tampa Am 2006

Tampa Am 2006 Tampa Am 2006. Everyone says they hate drama, and without a doubt if it involves you or the people close to you, it sucks, but don’t even try to deny that…

Words By Rory Parker

The Wet Boys

The Wet Boys The Wet Boys have a lot in common with Fight Club.  Everybody’s seen the movie, Fight Club.  It was about a weird, cult-like, group of dudes who hung out together…

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