Drew Potter

Drew Potter

Drew Potter

Interview By Steve Roche, Glen Wagner, Justin, Rose, Travis, and Theresa the Bartender.

A crew of Drew Potter’s homies took him out to Rosie and Joe’s Bar in Kearny Mesa California, poured drinks down his throat and took turns flinging questions at him, it was the verbal equivalent to a gang Jump In. Those in attendance for the vocal beat down were Glen Wagner, Steve Roche, Justin, Rose, Travis, and Theresa the Bartender.

Roche: name, IQ and shoe size?
Rod Stewart.  My age is the square root of 400 plus 2.  IQ, square root of 49 plus a 1/2.

Glenn: How does Drew Potter feel about that screaming Nazi you just drank?
Pretty cool color.  I haven’t stood up yet so I can’t quite judge it.

Glenn: So why did Drew Potter move from Alabama to San Diego?
So why not San Diego to Alabama?

Glenn: Not my interview buddy.
In Alabama I was drinking myself to death.  Now my liver’s not swollen to the point of rubbing against my ribs and the whites of my eyes aren’t yellow.

Glenn: How is the Drew Potter living situation going?
I live in the living room of a 2-bedroom apartment with 5 people in it.  Ed and I play rock paper scissors for the couch every night.  I get woken up about 5 times before I go to work from people jumping over me trying to go to work.  Everything I buy at the grocery store is gone by the time I get home.  It’s rad.

Drew Potter Front feeble down some stairs. I ain’t gonna count em’. Photo: Rhino

Glenn: So what’s up with Darrel Delgado?
I think he’s the backbone behind the strongest working team in skateboarding currently.  He is definitely the next Jamie Thomas.

Glenn: Does Drew Potter enjoy skating Washington St.?
Roche: Are those guys really dicks or are they just rumors?
Fuck those guys!  It wakes you up when you slam there and it never doesn’t hurt. Luck doesn’t work there.

Feeble grind to fakie in a pool that looks strangly familiar… Photo: Klien

Glenn:  Do you hate Matt Kriegel as much as I do?
I love Kriegel. Kriegel’s adorable. He lets me leave photos in his mailbox and never calls me back which is definitely a privilege I have come to appreciate.

Glenn: Part of the glamorous life of working for a magazine like Automatic I guess.
Yeah, I’m really living it up here.  2 boards every 6 months from my sponsor.  Sleeping on floors.  I run out of gas in the middle of nowhere and have to hitch rides from fucking weirdos.

{At this point we heckled poor little Drew about his whining.  I love this kid but Jesus, he whines.  We retaliated with some more shots of Nazi’s.}

Pivot to fakie on this thing at Washington Street is pretty much out of the question for most. Well, pretty much EVERYBODY but Drew Potter. I hate it when people say this but you really have to ride up this thing to know how much gnar is going on here. Photo: Rhino

Rose: your form the south right?
D: Huntsville, Alabama

Rose: Proud of that?
D: Well I survived, I’m stoked.  I went to school with so many kids who are dead now cause of the crystal meth and shit.  It could be worse I guess.

Drew jumped down this huge set a bunch of times until he exploded his heel and fucked up his head. Photos by Krolick

Theresa: Drew, you really enjoy going backwards. You’ve got lots of tricks to fakie. Why’s that?
D:  I think cause it scares me.  I pay attention better when I go backwards.

Glenn: So who does Drew Potter enjoy watching ride skateboards?
D: Oh wow serious questions.  Dennis Busenitz, Barley, Duffy.  Brian down at the park, he skates like Julien Stranger. Roche and his frontside airs at Kalamath. Been watching Guy’s part in Mouse a bunch. Good song.

Rose: If Drew Potter could change or add an obstacle at the park (Washington st.) what would it be?
D: Good Question

Justin: Clean the toilets.
D: That’s not an obstacle.

Glenn: You ever tried going in there?
D: True. It is an obstacle.  I puked on my dick in there once.  I was hung over and tried to hold my breath and well, never mind.

Ollie out to back lip. Photo: Krolick

Glenn: We have to go over the inner child of Drew Potter for the mag.
D: My inner child is getting aborted by a coat hanger in bus stop restroom right now.

Glenn: Why do you hate your inner child?
I don’t hate it I am protecting it.  The world is wicked; by killing it I am protecting it.

How does Drew Potter live without a connection to his inner child?
I am lonely, but I refuse to acknowledge that.

Growing up did you parents nurture your inner child?
Yeah my parents were very kind nurturing people.

Does Drew Potter embrace his inner child?
Well now it is blue and rigor mortis so I use it as a club when I am attacked.

Roche: More importantly, what’s your power animal.
D: My inner child is a rabid badger. The badger from the movie “The Gods Must be Crazy.”  I don’t know if it’s the first or second one but that badger bites the shit out of that boot.  It explains my bad teeth.

Travis: By the way, I used your toothbrush this morning.

Theresa: That might explain your bad teeth.

Theresa: What kind of car does Drew Potter drive these days?

Glenn: A black trash can.

Travis: It’s got trash all the way to the stick shift.
D: A Nissan compost heap.

Roche: Is my Chris Gentry Cd still in there?
D: Yes Roche, your Gentry cd is still in there. The car is my residence sometimes.

I heard when Drew came down from this wall ride thing he went right through the sketchy plywood at the bottom and sliced his arm to the bone on some sheet metal. Probably just a rumor though.Photo: Klien

Glenn: Is Drew Potter down with Zarosh and the Palatypus movement?
D: I picked up that guy in a field an hour outside of Santa Cruz at 11p.m. and then went skating for three weeks. Palatypus’s are rad and so is Zarosh.

Glenn: I agree but what was he doing in a field?
D: Meditating.  I interrupted him to pick him up to go to Grass Valley, Reno and then up to Portland. I also got to hang out with his mom. She cooked us the best eggplant pizza.  After that we skated down a tunnel that was 2 feet wide and 3 feet high and a 1/4 mile long.  You had to sit on your board.  It was really steep at the end so you can’t stop.  It spits you out onto the sand in front of a volleyball net so you land in front of the these normal girls playing volleyball like you came from outer space or some shit.  They all just stop and look at you and they have no idea what to say. You just got shot out of some tunnel that Zarosh sent you down.

D: Brendan Klein shot a photo of me almost dying.  I hit my head on a roof trying to ollie over some 18-stair rail.  There’s an awning that you have to go under.  I hit my elbow and head on it so it flipped me onto my back and then dropped down to it about 10 feet or so.

Glenn: Damn, Brendan must have been shitting himself.
D: He was bummed.  He thought he had just shot a photo of someone dying.  When I looked up I saw him and Zarosh running down the stairs to see what was left of me.  But I was fine.  I lucked out.

Drew Potter heel exploded and head fucked up. Photos by Krolickk

{At this point Joe Pino calls Roche’s Cell phone so we have Pino throw out a question.}

Joe: So what’s up with the lip ring?
D: I don’t have a lip ring.  I really don’t.  I got a fish hook caught in it when I was fishing.

Roche: Hoe much does it cost to ride for Terror?
D: I think it costs….well…

Glenn: But how much fun do we have?  Can’t deny that.
D: But I can deny it cause I don’t remember it.  It’s all chemically induced.  How much does a case of Budweiser cost.  That’s how much it costs to ride for Terror per day.

Glenn: Can we make fun of Kriegel some more?
D: No, then he’ll sabotage us.

Glenn: True.  Well then give your thanks so we can turn this stupid thing off.
D: Okay.  I’d like to thank my parents (they met in the library) Jon Coulthard for the photos and the pep talks.  Emerica and Autobahn.  Oliver and Steve Claar. Black Metal David for his floor and Terror Skateboards for nothing.

Drew made this sick sponsor me video with all this porn and torture shit in it. And it was all black and white. Nose grind. Photo: Krolick


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