Graham Bickerstaff

Graham Bickerstaff

Graham Bickerstaff  interview BY: Rory Parker

By far, of all the things that go into putting a magazine together, my least favorite responsibility would have to be getting these damn interviews done every month. Phone calls are never returned, people don’t want to talk about anything that is the least bit incriminating, and besides, most people really aren’t interesting enough to care about anyway.

So, when I go about trying to get one of these things done I usually take a pretty half assed approach to it. I’ll google their names, which usually brings up nothing, then try and get in contact with their sponsors. Of course, I never hear back from anyone and end up just asking stupid questions that don’t relate to anything. Then I edit it down to something that is at least partially engaging.

Of course, this approach doesn’t always work well. All I was able to learn about Graham Bickerstaff was that he enters a fair amount of contests, tends to party a little bit, is from Atlanta, lives in Long Beach, and made out with some girl at the Tampa Am last year. Yawn, right? Well, that’s all I had when I finally got him on the phone, and that’s pretty much all I had when I hung up. Here’s the transcript of that conversation, in all its glory.


So, you just git back from a trip to Arizona. How did that go?
Graham Bickerstaff: 
Pretty good. We’re just filming for the whole New World video.

How’s that going?
Graham Bickerstaff:  
Well, we’ve got a deadline in September, we’re trying to have it out by Christmas. It’s looking pretty good.

Tre Flip

You got a full part in it?
Graham Bickerstaff:  
Yeah, I’ve got a full part in it.

Well, that’s sick. What’s this I hear about you hooking up with some chick at the Tampa Am?
Graham Bickerstaff: 
What do you mean?

Well, what about it?
Graham Bickerstaff:  
What do you mean, what about it?

Some girl on the web is claiming you got a piece off her friend.
Graham Bickerstaff: 
Does it say her name or anything?

No, but, are there so many, it could be anybody?
Graham Bickerstaff: 
Nah, it’s not like that, man.

Now you don’t remember?
Graham Bickerstaff: 
Sometimes it’s like that.

Okay, but this is last year.
Graham Bickerstaff: 
I don’t know.

Fuck this line of questioning. Tell me a good story, something gnarly about your vices.
Graham Bickerstaff:  
Nah, (laughs) I quit drinking.

Frontside Boardslide

Just kidding.

I know you must have some good stories, I heard that you like to party.
I don’t know. I don’t want anybody getting freaked out. You’ve got to get that stuff from other people.

Yeah, but there’s nothing interesting here. This interview’s fucking boring so far.
Graham Bickerstaff:  
Aren’t you supposed to have questions to ask, instead of me just telling you a story?

That’s not how I work. I like to do it kind of freestyle, it’s more natural that way.
Graham Bickerstaff:  
Alright, well, let me think of some stories and I’ll call you back.


Obviously, he never called back, nor did he return my calls. And, dude, I called him more often than a thirteen-year-old girl with a crush, though I am sure he would have answered, had that been the case. I kind of suspected he was over my whole scene and was checking his caller ID and ignoring my calls. Fuck, fair enough, I do that all the time, just ask Migdol, our editor. Maybe it has something to do with an interview he’s got in the works with a “bigger more legitimate” magazine. Oh well, it’s not the end of the world, I just needed to use some different tactics.

Those tactics were calling people who know him and asking questions. You know, the type of shit you’re supposed to do, only I’m just too big of a pile to put forth the effort. So, I called up Kurtis Colamonico, one of Graham’s friends, and a ripper in his own right (Check out the interview a few months back). I’ve spoken to Kurtis before and he seems like a really nice guy. He was more than happy to try and help me out, unfortunately he couldn’t come up with anything interesting. Instead he gave me the old cliché, “He’s just fun as fuck anytime. You know, he keeps the party going, and he’ll holler at any chick, anytime. That’s just it, he’s one of those dudes that’s really fun to skate with, or party with.” That’s really cool, and I’m sure it describes Graham, but also describes just about anyone. At this point I started thinking that I was fucked, that I’d have to make up some bullshit to fill the space, and that everyone would be super pissed at me. Kurtis, however, kept my spirits up by suggesting I call Aaron Artis, Graham’s good friend and house mate since he moved to Long Beach from Hotlanta.

Pop Shov It.

So, I called Aaron and gave him the facts regarding my situation. He said that he couldn’t think of any stories off the top of his head, but that he’d think about it and I could call him back in a little bit. That’s cool, right? I sat down, had a beer, and waited a while before calling him back.
“Hello, the caller you are trying to reach cannot…”
Fuck! Now Artis is dodging me too. I’m royally screwed, this interview was supposed to be done a week ago, I’ve got absolutely nothing, and I’m completely out of ideas. So I got drunk. Really drunk, the kind where you’re sort of confused when you wake up in the morning, and your apartment is completely trashed. I think I may have called him during the night, though thankfully he didn’t pick up. I was a real mess. But, anyway, now I’ve got a hang over, still haven’t done anything, and I wish I were dead. I’m so disappointed in myself.

If you expected some sort of resolution (though I highly doubt anyone will read this far) you’re going to be disappointed. I fucked everything up, the whole World team probably hates me and wants to beat my ass (thank god they’re all ams, if this were the nineties I might be in real trouble) and I’ve completely run out of steam regarding this issue. Look at the pictures, that’s all that is really important anyway. I’m going to go and crack a beer and smoke a cigarette. This is the vice issue after all.







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