Guide to Wilderness Survival
Right now we are witnessing the beginning of the end of civilization. Our economy is unraveling right before our very eyes. Fear not my friends, we are going to be just fine, but make no mistake; it is time to get serious. It’s time to enter survival mode. Skateboarding and skateboarders will survive and prosper from the demise of civilization. Here we present you with this handy wilderness field guide, which will help you survive and prosper during this violent historical transition.

The single most important survival tool is the mind and the most important rule is to keep from panicking. Don’t make matters worse by succumbing to your fear and making bad decisions in haste. With the proper attitude almost anything is possible.Manny SantiagoMANNY SANTIAGO varial heel. PHOTO: DAN Z

Exposure to the elements can be very dangerous so working on your shelter should be a top priority. Be creative and use your surroundings. One of the simplest and most effective shelters to build is the Wickiup. To build the Wickiup, find three strong ridgepoles and set them up tipi-fashion. Complete the framework with branches. On top of this framework pile any kind of brush you can find: sage, grasses, cactus pieces, bark slabs, etc, etc. Heap these materials into a dome.Torey Pudwill TOREY PUDWILL nollie inward heel. PHOTOS: KHIMATI

Water is one of the most important elements in survival. You can only survive a few days without water. Use a cloth and collect dew or catch some rain. Never take chances with drinking water. The risk of parasitic infestation is too great. Dehydration and the draining of vital energy could kill you in a survival situation. To find water, follow troughs, depressions, and ravines. Sometimes you can follow the sound of a croaking frog or animal trails and tracks, they will always lead to water. The Apaches found water by watching wild ponies. If the animals were walking in a straight line with out grazing they were walking toward water. If they were grazing they were moving away from water.
TravisTRAVIS MYERS front board kickflip out. PHOTOS: KHIMATI

Fire is an essential part of wilderness survival. It cooks food, boils water, provides protection and warmth. In preparing a fire, always ensure good ventilation. Prepare a fireplace where you have total control over the fire. In windy conditions you should dig a trench to light your fire. Encircle your fire with rocks and build an effective reflector. When building a fire, remember the fire triangle, one side is air, one side is heat, and one side is fuel. You should use dry wood to get a fire going. Once established, mix with green and dried out damp wood. Hard woods burn over a long period and give out good heat.
TRAVIS TRAVIS MYERS pole drop in smith grind. PHOTO: DAN Z

When it comes to wild edible plants there is no shortcut to positive identification with some plants even a single bite is enough to cause discomfort or death. Some poisonous plants closely resemble edible species therefore it is essential you study with reputable guidebooks what is okay to eat. Follow these few simple rules to assure your heath and safety. Positively identify the edible and at what times they are in season. Learn what parts are edible. Find out how the plant should be eaten, does it require cooking or can it be eaten raw. Eat only a small portion first to see if you have a negative reaction before eating more.
Travis MyersTERRY backside lipslide. PHOTO: KHIMATI

Berries, nuts, roots and wild plants cannot always meet your body’s nutritional needs. There are times when you may be forced to take the life of another animal. First, nearly all insects are edible (first cook them to remove their toxins). Most fresh water fish are edible as long as they are not diseased. Reptiles are edible too but they are elusive. Small birds are edible but again not really worth your effort because by the time you pluck their feathers there’s not much to eat. Bigger birds, like ducks and geese, on the other hand can be effectively taken with a variety of hunting techniques and offer a good protein payoff for your energy. Almost all mammals are edible and most of your hunting and trapping efforts should be focused on small mammals.

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