Man’s Best Friend

Man’s Best Friend

Gareth and Marmite. Man's Best Friend. Photo: Brendan Klein.

Gareth and Marmite. Man’s Best Friend. Photo: Brendan Klein.

Man’s Best Friend

Dogs were the first animals to be domesticated by early humans. Early man recognized the benefits of having dogs around to warn them of predators and approaching strangers that wanted to do bad things to them.  Today we can use dogs much the same way: on  late night skate sessions in a sketchy parts of town.   But the dog has become much more to us than a tool to ward off crack heads and over zealous security guards. Dogs have become our constant companions.  Here we take a look at a few of the furry little fellas and the skaters that they chill with.

Dan Murphy and Independence. Photo: Shigeo

DAN MURPHY: My dog’s name is Independence; he was born on Independence Day.  I call him Indy for short.  He’s a Jack Russell Terrier.   I had met his brother from the litter and I asked the owner if he had any others.  One day I came home from school and there was a note saying I could have him if I took good care of him.  I got lucky.   He’s got huge nuts so he loves to get out and make puppies  He’s got a whole family next door.  I can’t keep an eye on him every second of the day.  He’s disappeared for days and come back and I knew he was up to something.  It turned out that he got the neighbor’s dog pregnant.  He’s a horny little guy.  Today he tried to jump out of the window of the car with a boner.  There was a dog outside the window and his boner got caught on the window. He wanted out, I had the window open just a little crack.    It was actually gross but at the same time it was really funny.  I try and take Indy with me everywhere.  He’s a traveler for sure.  He’s a skater dog.  If the skater travels, the dog travels.  I bring him on airplanes all the time.  I carry him on the plane and he sits under the seat in front me.  The lady on the last flight tried to give me a hard time by telling me his legs were too long.   I just want to say one last thing.  He has a myspace account.  That’s what’s hot right now and he’s always out there trying to meet people and build a network.  I watch over it to make sure there are no people who are into weird shit like bestiality messing with him.  He’s got a hotmail email account also but we can’t publish that because then all these lady dogs will be hitting him up and we can’t have him making too many little puppies, he’s already got one family to take care of.

Joey, Brody, Pizza, & Runty. Photo: Roger Bagley

JOEY BREZINSKI: I’ve got three Pugs.  The boy dog’s name is Brody; he’s the white one.   The mom’s name is Pizza, and the puppy’s name is Runty, because she’s the littlest one.  No one wanted to take her because she was the runt.   I actually wasn’t so hyped on them at first.  We started off with the one, my chick already had him and I was like, “yeah whatever, dog.” But then he has a really rad personality.  He’s a cool dog.  We decided to get another one because I skate all day and he’s alone.  We got the female and she was just six months old and she went into heat and we had a chastity belt/diaper thing and I came home from skating one day and I walk in and Brody and Pizza were stuck together.  He couldn’t pull out.   I tried to pull them apart but you couldn’t just do it.  He was screaming.  I’ve never seen anything like it. It took like 20 minutes and then they finally got separated.   Brody is getting older now. He doesn’t do shit, he just kinda lies on the couch all day.  The two other dogs play all day, they gnaw on each other’s necks.    I let Casey Rigney take the dogs down to the beach sometimes.  He can pull chicks with them.   Whenever I have a friend in town that wants to get some pussy, I let them take the dogs down to Venice and walk them.

The Nuge and Daisy. Photo: Broach

DON NGUYEN: My dog’s name is Daisy. She’s an American Pit Bull Terrier. I can’t say she’s ever gotten me laid but she does break the ice a little easier. I know every dog does this but it’s the shit. She waits for the mailman like she knows what time he’s coming around. She’ll lurk for a while and its like a clock goes off.  She goes nuts and tries to kill him. She fucking hates the guy. When she is asleep she seems like she dreams about fighting other dogs. I’ve had to shake her awake from nightmares. I’ll be sleeping and she will be growling and shit with her eyes shut. The last thing you want is a huge pit bull thinking it’s fighting when it is asleep and then just snaps on you. She’s rad. Daisy is special because she understands English.


STEVE CABALLERO: My dog’s name is Sampson.   I’ve had him for a little over three and a half years, since he was a puppy.  He’s a Brindle full breed Boxer.  There were four others in his litter to choose from they were all better looking than Sam.  Sam he just came up to me and wanted me to pet him and hug him.  I wanted to have a friend.  Regardless of what he looked like it was his personality that made me pick him. He turned out to be an awesome dog.   He’s very loving, smart and obedient, he always sticks with me, he doesn’t run away.  I really spent a lot of time with him training him so it just shows.  It’s just like having a child.   I take him to the skate park all the time.  I tie him up on the grass where he can watch me.  He just sits there and watches me.  If there aren’t a lot of people around I’ll let him run around.  He comes with me wherever I go, the bank, the grocery store.  It is very rare that I leave him in the house or the backyard.  He gets really jealous with me and my fiancé.  When I put my arm around her and tell her, “Oh I love you,” he gets really butt hurt, and he tries to get in between us and he whines.  He’s a very jealous dog.  We’ll tease him with it though.  I don’t even treat him like a pet, he is more like family.

Gareth and Marmite. Photo: Brendan Klein.

GARETH STEHR: My dog’s name is Marmite.  Marmite is a spread made from yeast we in New Zealand eat on toast.  It’s kinda of like the New Zealand version of Vegemite.   He’s a miniature pincher.  I got him for my wife.   I got him from the rescue so it was already nurtured and had all its shots and everything.   He’s often cold because he’s so small.  He shakes a lot.  One time our roommate thought that he got stolen.  She thought that she saw him sitting in the back seat of a car that was going down the street. We started driving around looking for the silver car but he was in the backyard the whole time.   When he sleeps he growls and barks, it seems like he has terrible dreams. Sometimes when he sleeps he holds one arm across his chest and he’ll hold the other one straight out like he’s going, “Heil Hitler”.



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