Marius Syvanen: The Inner Child of A Child

Marius Syvanen

Marius Syvanen: Inner Child interview

Marius Syvanen | Automatic | Issue #39 the Inner Child Issue

By analyzing a young man’s psyche close to the stage where the individual’s “Inner Child” is still a part of their external self we had hoped to gain insight into the development of the subject’s personality.  The subject in this case study is Marius Syvanen.  Part of our research employs the psychoanalytical technique in which the subject is shaken out of their comfort zone with a series of antagonistic questions.  You will note that Marius responds to these questions with an expected result.  Thus this research has yielded nothing. 

How old are you Marius Syvanen?

Marius Syvanen is Swedish right?
No Finnish.

Your Swedish?
No from Finland.  Finnish.  F-I-N-N-I-S-H.

In Sweden are people pretty connected to their inner children?

But in Sweden are people pretty connected to their inner children?
I guess. Yeah they are more diverse than people in America.  They think more and look at nature more.  It is hard to explain.

Why does Marius Syvanen hate Americans?
I just don’t like them. I like them but some of them are so retarded. I feel more comfortable in Europe and stuff.  I go back every summer for a month and a half.  I chill with the family back there, skate and stuff.

Has Marius Syvanen ever been spanked by a parent?
No. I don’t even get grounded.  They just yell at me and then they calm down and it is all-good.

Do you parents use harsh words to you?
Sometimes they do but I do if I am really pissed. I will say some random stuff in Finnish.  Like, “you fucking idiots”.

It sounds like you’re pretty angry. Have they ever called you stupid or made fun of you?
There have been a couple incidents.

How does that make you feel? Do you think that hurt you?  Later in life will the inner-child of Marius Syvanen be hurt by that?
Yeah, maybe a little bit.

What is going to make the 40-year-old Marius Syvanen connected to the Marius Syvanen of now?
I don’t know I will try and keep skateboarding.

What is your inner self like?
I don’t know some sketchy freak, really angry, lots of skating, and hating on everyone.

Do you think you have an inner child or do you think that you are still too young to have an inner child since you are still a child?
I don’t know, both. I have a child in me but I am growing up to.

Let’s talk about Sweden some more.

Are American girls prettier than Swedish girls?

Who are your sponsors?
Hawk Clothing, Osiris, Fury, Ricta, Sun Diego Boardshops, Da Kine, and I am looking for a board sponsor.

Marius I want you to leave a message for adult self.  I want you to say something in this interview as your present self to your forty-year-old self. So when you are forty you can look back and read a note your inner child left you.
Probably I would tell him to keep representing Finland.

Wow! Ground BREAKING. Fascinating, child Marius Syvanen tells his Adult self to Keep representing Finland. 

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