Naked Hiking

Naked Hiking

Naked Hiking Words By Rory Parker

Naked Hiking Words By Rory Parker

I’ve always enjoyed nudity. Naked hiking is perhaps my favorite pastime.  From the time I was a child, dropping my shorts and running free down the beach, until today, when I still love to drop my shorts and run naked down the beach; I can’t help but see clothing as an unwanted pretense to modesty.  Clothing isn’t natural, and unless it’s so cold that bits of me will shrivel and shrink, I’d much rather do without it.  Regrettably, our society still subscribes to Victorian mores.  This forces people like me, who would happily walk down the street in a state of total undress, to retire to the privacy of our own homes, the only place we can lounge about in all God’s splendor without hearing shocked cries and facing moral condemnation.

As great as nudity is, it’s a bit like sex.  Though it’s fun when you’re all alone (very fun), to truly appreciate it, you need a partner  (or two, or three.  Shit, the more the merrier).  There is a very fine line between two lovers cavorting in the wilderness and some naked dude hiding in the bushes.  The first may be a romantic interlude that your loved one will never forget, but the latter will eventually result in sex offender status.  So if you are short a partner you really must make sure that they don’t catch you.  Which is no problem, really, because there are thousands of places out there where you can expose yourself safely, without worrying about another person’s projected shame landing you on Megan’s List.

In the LA area there are hundreds of isolated trails where one can, if they choose, experience a freedom of existence that most are never privileged to enjoy.  Of course, nude hiking is a bit of a misnomer, certain environmental hazards, such as poison oak, thorns and ticks, make hiking in the buff a bit dangerous.  But, all that means is that you need to save disrobing until you’ve reached your destination.   But, that’s okay, because watching your girlfriend strip with a beautiful waterfall as a backdrop leaves tossing singles at some drunk stripper in the shade.  And besides, frolicking about in nature usually leads to another of the finer, simpler things in life.  Outdoor sex, humping in the grass like two lust filled animals, is something you can’t beat with a stick.

In closing, never forget that under our clothes, each and every one of us is naked.  We come into the world without a stitch of clothing on, and it makes no sense to spend the rest of your life covering what you‘ve got.  Just because you’re not in the best shape, or because you’re not the best looking person in the world doesn’t mean that you can’t let it all hang out.  On the contrary, if you can learn to accept how you look, and love the body you see in the mirror, your confidence will shine through, and you’ll be more attractive than ever before.  So, now that you’re done reading this, take off all your clothes.  Shirt, pants, shoes, underwear, go ahead, I’ll wait.

Rory's naked hiking!

Rory’s naked hiking!

Now, doesn’t that feel good?  Of course it does.  Now, go outside and run screaming down the street.  Don’t be scared, if we all do it, soon it will be normal, and no one will be able to stop us.

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