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Answers and Funny stories: DBS vocalist Efrem Shulz questions and plagiarism: Nowak

I was listening to the first Death By Stereo album, If Looks Could Kill I’d Watch You Die, and then listened to the new one, Death For Life, back-to-back.  It seems that you guys have grown from your roots in punk and hardcore and became the metal band that you always kinda flirted  with being.
Yeah, definitely. I think that every record we’ve done we try to make really different from each other, and explore and experiment in different direction. I think we explored all the other options, and just didn’t want to repeat ourselves. We’ve always been way into heavy music, and we just wanted to make a really fucking pissed off record! I don’t know, man, it seems like a lot of bands now are really pulling punches, and we just wanted to make [a record] that fucking didn’t. And that was kinda what came out, y’know? We say this time and time again, we’re all into a lot of like punk shit like Dead Kennedys, a lot of hardcore, Sick Of It All, but I fucking love D.R.I., Slayer, Suicidal… We really just trying to incorporate everything Death By Stereo loves.

Death By Stereo did a song a couple years ago for the Punk Goes Metal compilation, a cover of White Lion’s “Little Fighter”. I was never a White Lion fan as a kid, but when I heard your take on it, I realized that even though the song’s kinda corny, it’s a pretty good song!
Dude, the guitar player from White Lion fucking rips!

Did Death By Stereo do that song with the intent of bringing it to the attention of people who wouldn’t have otherwise given it a chance, or was it done mostly as a goof?
You know what’s kind of funny is, originally we were like, let’s do the longest fucking song we can, okay? Like “The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner”, 13 minutes long, in its entirety! And then our old guitar player Jim came to practice – and this is the funniest thing about it – he was like, “Well, I already know how to play ‘Little Fighter’ from White Lion…” And it was just like, dude, how do you know that?! He’s like, “Yeah, and I know the solo, too.” Are you fucking kidding me, dude? Like… Why? Not that it’s bad, I love you for it but… That’s incredible! We were just like confused and shocked and amazed at the same time. So, alright, we’re doing “Little Fighter”. And even when we turned it in, and Bob over at Fearless [Records] was like, “Who the fuck is White Lion, and what the hell is ‘Little Fighter’?” Just trust us, dude; it goes off!

If there were a second volume of Punk Goes Metal, what song would you cover for it, and why?
Maybe “Warriors Of The World” by Manowar. Or, I’d still take the entire 13-minute version of “Rime Of The Ancient Mariner”. I actually sent Bob a message the other day saying that we were ready!

Efrem Schulz… That sounds like a tax attorney, quite frankly. Do you think you’d get more chicks if you had a cool rocker name like Lightning Rod, or something?

That’s interesting you said that, because we’ve talked about it before, and came up with all these rock names, and they had to be weather-related. My rock name is Billy Storm. I’m gonna change my name to Billy Storm and get all the hot babes. Right now all I get is sweaty dudes.

Okay, so, basically I had an interview fall through because a band flaked on me, and the fine ladies at Epitaph hooked me up with you, Death By Stereo at the last minute. So I had like two hours of prep time for this and thought that I might not have any good questions. But, in my girlfriend’s car was an issue of Jane magazine, you ever heard of that?
Yes I have.

They’ve got this thing where they ask some celebrity or musician the “Five Important Questions”, and so now I’m going to totally rip off Jane magazine and ask these to you!
Oh, perfect! I’m all about it. Me and my roommates and my neighbor, we have these girlfriends that all work at this hair salon, so I’m familiar with Jane magazine. We always go down to this hair salon to hang out, and like check out the girls, and we’re like, “Hey, what’s up…” and they’re like, “Wow, tell your shitty friends not to come here anymore.”   But, yeah, Jane, let’s do it!

#1 – Are you repressing any urges?
I try not to repress any urges. I just let ‘em fly. Whatever that may be, dude; I’m fucking going for it, all the time.

#2 – What’s the worst you’ve ever screwed someone over?
Damn, dude, that’s a good question. Uhhh… We’re coming back to that one.

#3 What styles trend would you rather die than be caught following?
Women’s pants – but for the wrong reasons. I can see, like, “Dude, I’m wearing women’s pants! These pants are fucking awesome! Check it out, dude, I’m wearing ladies’ pants right now, haha. This is rad!” And then you’ve got [turns on smooth-guy seduction voice], “I’m wearing women’s pants. Yeah. I’m fucking so cool.” There’s a big thing going around right now – you can’t get in a girl’s pants unless you get in girls’ pants.

#4 – Have you ever faked an orgasm?
Interestingly enough – I have! I just couldn’t stand it, dude. I wanted to get outta there! It was like the worst ever. Even the worst… What do they say? Sex is like pizza, even when it’s shitty, it’s still sex? But I just remember being like, fuck, dude… I’m so bummed.

#5 – Who is on your “Celebs to make out with” list?
I’d have to put Alyssa Milano way up on the priority list. Sofia Vergara. Brad Pitt. Neil Hamburger, my favorite comedian. The chick that played Momma in Throw Momma From The Train.

Have you thought about screwing someone over yet?
Yeah. The worst we ever… Death By Stereo went tour with Slipknot once, and I’ve never witnessed something on that level of like, so may hanger-on-ers. People that are just, like, everyone trying to be backstage, be cool… Just lame. Some girl just wouldn’t leave us alone. Like, “Oh, you gotta get me backstage.” And we kept being like, no, get away from here! I don’t really even know this band, y’know? No, you can’t go back there, you’re gonna go be stupid and get us kicked off this tour, go away! So, she keeps making her way backstage, and we keep kicking her out. Finally, I’m like, “Hey, let’s go for a walk,” and I walked with her out to the front of the arena, and then ran back in the building! She talked to somebody in one of the buses or something like that, and my phone rings. She found me! She’s like, “Where are you, I can’t find you! I’m in the parking lot.” I’m like, “Hey, I’m on the other side of the parking lot. Like, directly across from where you’re standing.” I did that to her like 5 times! Finally she gets back in there – we’re there really late, and there’s no cars left in this parking lot – and she’s like, “Well, I need a ride to the next town.” And the town is like 3 hours away. And she’s like, “I need to go home first; can I catch a ride with you guys? Like, an hour in the opposite direction?” No! Who are you?!? She just wouldn’t leave us alone! So she fucking gets in the van, and then she’s like, “I need to get my bag out of my car…” You have a car?!? Get the fuck out of here! “Well I drank a lot and I can’t drive.” I’m like, you know what? Sleep it off! Go away! She’s freaking out, and she wouldn’t get out, so finally I’m like, “Okay, why don’t we just drive by your car, we’ll grab your bag, and then we’ll go.” We drive by her car, and I open the side door of the van, and I go, “Is that your car right there?” She’s like, “Yeah,” and then she kinda like starts to lean out, and I kicked her in the ass! She fucking flew out, dude. And I’m like, “Go! Go!” Dude, we boned out! That’s the worst I think we ever fucked anyone over. There you go, dude.


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