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Interview by Nowak

Every Time I Die vocalist Keith Buckley talks to Nowak about getting used to Jagermeister, arrested on tour, and the Ozzfest.

 I was at the VA Ozzfest. I heard you got into a little bit of trouble there? What happened with that?
It about maybe 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon, and I couldn’t stand up, I had just been drinking all morning. I think I was wearing cut-off shorts, and like a do-rag from Jagermeister, and I started walking back because I wanted to go get ready to watch the main stage bands. I had a beer in my hand, and I got to a gate, and they’re like, “You can’t come back here with this.” So, apparently, I reached into a garbage can, pulled out a bottle of water, and poured the beer into it. And then I’m like, okay, I’m good, it’s apple juice.  And they’re still like, “No, it’s beer, you can’t have beer back here.” So, I’m like, alright, I’ll finish it. So I start drinking it, and then just as like a shitty fraternity guy thing, everybody around me starts chanting “Chug! Chug!” So the security thought that a riot was about to ensue, I guess, and he called the police. So while I was drinking it, 2 cops roll up on me and grab my hands and put me in handcuffs and took me to a holding center. I got charged with drunk and disorderly conduct. I got handcuffed to a wall for about a half hour while they went through my shit and asked me some questions. I got let go with a court date; had to hire a lawyer for the court date, so it cost about a thousand dollars right there. I went down there, and they couldn’t prove that I was drunk because they didn’t do a breathalyzer on me…even though I was. And the disorderly conduct was because they thought I was inciting a riot, but my lawyer convinced them otherwise. I got a continuance, meaning as long as I don’t get in any trouble in Virginia in the next six months, all charges are dropped and there’ll be no fines. Yeah, Virginia hates me and Every Time I Die. Virginia kicked me out of their college. Virginia just got me arrested; it’s too bad, too, because I love the weather down there.  That’s why I went to college down there, because I love it, but they don’t want me there.

See, I moved away from Virginia to get away from the weather. I went to San Diego, but I got sucked back in.
Yeah, people always end up back home. I’ve moved all around and been on tour with Every Time I Die, but I always end up back in Buffalo.

Has it been cool for Every Time I Die being on Ozzfest?
It’s been awesome for Every Time I Die. It’s been really good, because like, everybody came in expecting to be, like, completely overwhelmed by the professionalism of it all, being the biggest metal tour ever.

Especially this one.
Yeah, oh yeah. And so we really realized that we had to step it up a notch professionally; conduct ourselves with some sort of couth. That actually went out the window within the first week.  We just heard horror stories of, you know, the crew, they know what they’re doing, and you guys are gonna not know what you’re doing, and you’re gonna fight; people are just gonna shit on you, and stuff like that, because you’re brand new to this. But it’s been going so smoothly, because all the second stage bands, and even the crew, are just like real good friends, like everybody hangs out. I honestly never experienced such a community like that.

How are these off-dates going for Every Time I Die?
This is great. Like, you play Ozzfest, and it’s cool – you know, you’re playing in front of two or three more thousand people than you’ve ever played to before – but those people still have to be won over. Those are people who are introduced to you that morning. Then we come to these off dates and play these shows, and it’s like, “Aaahh!” These are the kids that been supporting us.

What has Every Time I Die been doing to keep yourselves amused?
About three weeks into the tour, Atreyu made a funnel. And we’ve just been enticing people with this funnel – you have no idea how funny it is to watch people funnel beers, or to even funnel beers. It’s such a carnal, like caveman thing to do, but we’ve been doing it, and it’s so much fun. Last night we got Juliya from Uranium to do it, and we’re just pulling in random people to funnel beers with us, and you get a crowd and everybody’s chanting… It’s so elementary, but that’s what we’ve been doing lately.

So tell me about the Shirts-Off Crew [Ozzfest band and crew members turned crazed and drunken marauders].  Are you and Every Time I Die part of that?
Oh yeah. It’s actually taken a backseat for a while. When it started, it was like a plague, man. It was so strong, and so devastating, and there were so many people involved, and we had so much fun. Then we got in a lot of trouble for rushing a gate; like a security guard fell over or something, and we got in trouble. So out of respect for Ozzfest and the staff, we were like okay, we’ll chill out for a while, you won’t hear from us, you won’t see us for a while. Then it got to a point where we were like, we haven’t done this in a while, we should have a meeting – let’s do it tonight! Now, the fact that the tour’s winding down, people just don’t have the energy anymore. I would love to see like a scale, like a time-lapse film of the physique of the people on this tour. Every Time I Die is getting fatter and shorter and slower and more hunched over, and it’s like we’re totally regressing, it’s amazing. I seriously have probably gained on this tour about 15 pounds.

You’d think you’d be sweating it off during the shows.
That’s the thing, you only play for 20 minutes. And you don’t even work up a sweat at times, unless the weather’s really really hot. Usually it’s such a performance in a club, like not only is it hot in the club, but then you’ve got people climbing on you, and Every Time I Die is more interactive with the crowd, and up close and personal. It’s not as tiring on Ozzfest at all.

In closing, when in Hell, what shots will you be doing at the bar?
Jagermeister, unfortunately, because we’re sponsored by them now. They just force-feed it to us.

That’s my favorite.
Really? I couldn’t stand it before this tour. Every Time I Die got asked if we wanted to be sponsored by them, and I’m like, yeah, I just don’t ever want to have to drink it because I hate it.  Then we got to Ozzfest… Now it’s like water, like I don’t even taste it anymore. I knew that when I got used to Jagermeister that my life was over.

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