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Lamb Of God Interview by Nowak

Ozzfest off-date band interview: Holy crap, was I wasted. At about 2pm, I was rushing to get through the streets of Baltimore to not miss my interview with Lamb Of God at The Ottobar, where they would be playing a show later with Unearth, Atreyu, and Every Time I Die on a day off from the Ozzfest tour. I finally got to the venue about 15 minutes late, kicking myself for probably having blown it. Lucky for me, the Lamb Of God tour bus had not yet arrived and I was in the clear. Unluckily for my future interviewee, there was a bar on the corner with $1.50 Budweisers, and I had like six hours to kill before the show started. Four hours of cheap drafts later, after I had come to the conclusion that the interview with Lamb Of God wasn’t gonna happen, the tour manager finally called me and we set it all up. I spoke with John Campbell, the bassist, and he couldn’t have been a cooler guy. He didn’t quite look the part of one-fifth of what is maybe the best metal band in America today, in his shorts and flip-flops sitting with me on the curb in the parking lot; just a laid-back easy-going southern dude that you might meet floating down the river in an inner-tube with a separate tube carrying a cooler full of PBR. It was very cool and informal, and we had a lot to talk about. In fact, we talked quite a bit about Richmond, VA, where Lamb Of God is from, and where I went to college. We knew a lot of the same people, and it turned out that Chris and Willie Adler, one of the guitarists and the drummer of the band, spent some time in Woodbridge, VA where I grew up. After lots of “Oh yeah, I know that guy! How ‘bout this dude?”  We got down to business…

First of all, now that Lamb Of God is on a major label, is there insane pressure, or are they just gonna trust you to do what you do?
They’re trusting us to do what we do, but they’re keeping us on a schedule that keeps us incredibly busy. That’s been the biggest change going to a major label. For instance, we’re almost done with Ozzfest, our last show is September 4th in Florida. We’ll get home the 5th, maybe the 6th, and we’re home for like 2 weeks. We were supposed to be home for a month, but then they were like, “Hey, you know that month you were gonna be home? Well, we want you to go to Europe for six days.” And we’re like, well we kinda need to be home with our families and rehearsing the new record. And they’re like, “Well, it’s really important…” That’s what they always fuckin’ say, it’s really important.

I know you’ve been asked this a hundred times, but how does this album differ from the last album?
This may be a cop-out, but I see it as just a progression of… like if you look at the first Burn The Priest record, our first full-length [same band, different name], and then New American Gospel, then As The Palaces Burn, and now Ashes Of The Wake, I think they all get more melodic as they go; this one’s more melodic than the last. I think we’ve developed as writers and arrangers. We’ve been playing together almost ten years as a band, and we put a lot of work and effort into it as a band, which is really, honest to God, the only reason we do this. We never went out to get a record deal or anything. So as far as how this record sounds, it’s just what these five dudes from Richmond, Virginia put together for four months, writing and rehearsing. That was another major label thing, where they were like, “We want a record by this date.” And like, are you kidding me? We wrote our last record in two years! Four months? Ah-ight.

What are the best things and the worst things about being on Ozzfest with Lamb Of God?
The best thing about being on Ozzfest is that we’re traveling with a bunch of bands that we’ve toured with for years; they’re all friends of ours. It’s Heavy Metal Summer Camp, is what we’ve been telling everybody all summer long. Hanging out with your friends, partying way too hard. And as far as bad things about Ozzfest, probably… it’s too much damn fun. I am so worn out. I love partying, and I’m gonna continue partying until I get home. But when I get home, I’m gonna sleep for three or four days.

Have you gotten to meet Ozzy, or is he like helicoptered in before the show?
They keep the main stage and the second stage fairly separate. I’ve seen Ozzy stumble by, but I have not had the chance to meet him.

Any good stories of drunken debauchery involving Lamb Of God ?
Stories come to mind, but, you know, public knowledge… I can’t get into the debauchery because I don’t wanna get anybody in trouble, but here’s a funny thing that happened: Jordan from Every Time I Die, he gambles a lot. He lost a considerable amount of money in one night; four figures. He got some of it back from the guy who won it by getting a dude’s name tattooed on him, and a couple other tattoos that I’m not gonna go into details on. He got paid back $1700 for I think four tattoos on his ankle.

And as a final note, that’s the last time I get drunk before I do an interview. That tape was embarrassing to listen to.

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