Senses Fail Interview. Words By Nowak

Senses Fail Interview. Words By Nowak

My shitty tape recorder sucks. I’m trying to listen to the conversation I had with  Buddy Nielsen of Senses Fail a couple weeks ago, but I had to record over an old interview, and now I’ve got this weird double-audio thing going on, so I’m hearing my interview with Between The Buried And Me (I think?) in the background. It’s really distracting.

Fuck it, this tape is damn near useless. There was something about the impending tour of Europe, Australia, and Japan, which they were super stoked about since they hadn’t been to the latter two before. Here’s what I should have told him: that I heard you can buy used panties (supposedly worn by teenage girls) from vending machines in Japan. [Does anyone know if that’s true?] Regardless, it slipped my mind at the time, and now I’m kicking myself.

So, yeah, Senses Fail has got a new album out called Still Searching, and they’re on the international Taste of Chaos Tour, which starts in New Zealand and ends up in Cardiff, Wales, leaving a no-doubt sticky trail of foreign boobies and empty shot glasses in their wake. Actually, I’m just projecting there, and they could very well be nice young boys who don’t cheat on any girlfriends they may have back in Jersey.

After the world tour talk, things got interesting. I asked my third question, which was something like “How do you guys feel about being filed under ‘screamo’ when that’s such a stupid-sounding, shitty word?” Well, the dude had obviously been asked about the screamo/emo thing before, so he had a lot to say about it. It was actually a really coherent and well-thought-out diatribe/rant/explanation, and I wish I could listen to it again to give accurate quotes. I’ll tell you what, though, he definitely made a fan out of me and distinguished his band from his mostly douchebaggy contemporaries. Turns out Buddy doesn’t care for the fashion show posturing and stupid haircuts that are so prevalent in the emo-pop-punk-whatever bands any more than I do. He also said that it’s a bummer that Senses Fail is starting to get some recognition now after being a band for like 5 years, but they get treated like some kind of flash-in-the-pan, overnight success. Oh, and then there was a bit of vitriol aimed at The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers, who was quoted talking shit about emo bands (he cited Fall Out Boy as his example, but targeted the whole genre), saying that it was “dangerous” and that “there’s a creature inside me that wants to beat all those bands to death.” Well, Brandon, Buddy didn’t appreciate that one bit. The Killers had one album out at the time, and they were lashing out at some bands that have spent a lot of time, effort, and money practicing their craft, putting out albums and touring, and their music is totally valid. And, “dangerous”? Man, I personally don’t know what the fuck he was talking about; emo’s about as dangerous as a sleeping quadriplegic. Buddy came to the defense of his band and Fall Out Boy, especially since Senses Fail has been doing it for just as long as The Killers, and Fall Out Boy actually has seniority by 2 years. So, in your face, Killers guy.

Way to go, Buddy. You’re cred is intact, and you stand up for yourself, your band, and those like you. Sure, a lot of this emo business is pure tripe, but 90% of the music of any genre is awful. Senses Fail is doing their thing as rad as they can do it, and they’re cool in my book for getting out there and making it happen.

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