The Briefs Interview

The Briefs Interview

Interview By Nowak

What follows here is a interview with the Seattle based punk rock band The Briefs. I caught up with Lance Romance while he was sidelined from their European tour due to an injury. I give you the Briefs interview.

Lance Romance: So where are you, Florida?
Nowak: The mag’s based in San Diego, but I’m in Virginia. Near Washington, DC.

Nah, that’s like an hour and a half south. But that’s where I went to school.

You know a band called PCP Roadblock?
Never heard of ‘em.

They’re from Richmond. We almost got in a fight with them.
What was the deal with that?

They were just being jerks. We took ‘em outside and they were being kinda nutty and there was gonna be a big rumble, but then the cops showed up. Ever since then we’ve always made jokes about PCP Roadblock and we heard all these stories about what assholes they are. So, yeah, you can fucking quote me on that.

You’re calling them out!
I’m calling them out. Fuck ‘em.

So, Introduce yourself:
We’re called The Briefs and we’re from Seattle, Washington. My name is Lance Romance and I play bass and sing. We got started in like 1999, kind of came out of a really boring scene. A lot of emo shit was going on here at the time. It was a cross between bands staring at their shoes and not really wanting to be on stage, to a lot of bands doing the more like black hair, lots of fire, rock’n’roll-y kind of thing; sleazy rock kind of vibe. So we were gonna change all that and play more short punk rock that we grew up listening to; melodic, catchy punk. We died our hair blonde, and we were more about being “cold” than “hot”. We lean more in the ice side than fire. Our first show was a party, and we only knew like three or four songs, so that’s where the name The Briefs came from.

Aah. I thought it had to do with underwear.
Nah, had more to do with being concise. Or our sexual stamina, that’s the other stock answer.

Now, the band is on tour in Europe – why aren’t you with them?
Various reasons… I had an accident where I got hurt and couldn’t go. That’s the main reason, I’m spending time recouping. Kind of a weird deal, but they get back in like a week, so it’s all good after that.

You guys have a skateboard out by Vision, or something like that, right?
No, it’s by Factory 13. We did an ad for Vision; and they gave us a bunch of free shit. And we did some songs for the Black Label compilation. We’re getting tied into the skateboarding scene, trying to. A couple of us skate more than others.

Do you skate at all these days?
Yeah, I skate all the time. I mainly use it for transportation, but I go to the parks, there and there, nothing major. I kinda gave it up a long time ago, so then my fear level went back up. I snowboard a lot, too, which I love. But, yeah, we’re tied into Factory 13. The boards are pretty cool, and we actually designed it. We’re old school skaters, like 10 x 30 decks, you know?

The album artwork and everything has a very ’80s Vision Street Wear / Mark Gator kinda vibe to me; only minus the whole murdered girl buried in the desert thing.
Yeah, I was gonna say… haha, what are you saying, man? We’re not killers! He was kinda more the new wave guy. I was a Duane Peters fan when I was a kid. Everything we do, music included, kinda all ties together with all that shit. You know, we pretty much just rip off all that stuff.  If we see something cool that we liked when we were kids, or whatever, we’ll like change it a little bit and make it our own.  But we’re not really doing anything new.

It’s fun music.
Well, thanks. It’s pretty fucking simple. All the stuff that we loved was simple. It shouldn’t be too complicated.  I mean, you gotta play music for the lowest common denominator, for the most part, like us. Got some knuckle-draggin’ vibe to it sometimes.

When was the last time you treated a person like a sex object?
I treat my dog like a sex object. She’s always having to get put in her place. Dude, that’s a loaded question. I’d get my ass kicked if I treated somebody like a sex object. I have plenty of people who don’t know me that I treat like sex objects…

Seattle has a really high suicide rate – does the shitty, rainy weather ever make you want to kill yourself?
I’ve always wondered about that statistic. Is it true? Is it more than Japan?

Well, I mean, as far as the United States goes. I imagine Japan is probably a little more high-stress and suicide-friendly.
Yeah, when I got bad grades in my Junior College… No, you know what, we’ve been in a fucking heat wave, man. It hasn’t rained for months here. I hate it. To answer that question, no, it doesn’t make me want to kill myself, because I hate the sun. Being in a band sometimes makes me want to kill myself, but that’s one for Ricki Lake.

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