Memoirs Of A Team Manager with Chris “Bama” Bodiford

Memoirs Of A Team Manager with Chris “Bama” Bodiford

Memoirs Of A Team Manager with Chris “Bama” Bodiford

Memoirs Of A Team Manager with Chris “Bama” Bodiford


It was the first King Of The Road and I didn’t really know what to expect, so we took a couple of extra AMs with us so they could get tricks for the New Blood Video. Well, I soon found out King Of The Road is super hectic, and I realized that it was going to be a lot to handle with extra people on board. It was my first trip with the then fresh AM Garrett Hill. At this point I wasn’t bummed I brought the Ams, I just knew it was probably going to get out of hand. Towards the middle of the trip it did get out of hand. We arrived at one of the cities on the list early and had already completed all of our missions so we had some time to kill. We felt it was cause for a little relaxing and celebrating. We stopped by a local convenience store for some cold ones for the crew. Jamie put up the cash for it as a sign of appreciation for everyone’s dedication and hard work on the trip so far. Somehow Garrett Hill got a hold of a few of our beers and joined in with the celebrations. He doesn’t drink, and didn’t really then either.

After about three beers he started yelling and getting crazy. I asked him repeatedly to relax, chill out, and enjoy the festivities. He just gave me some smart-ass remark and continued acting stupid. He was yelling, “You guys are lame, I’ll beat all your asses”. Everyone was getting annoyed and pissed at him at this point. If anyone made a comment like, “Hey Garrett, chill-out.” He was like, “FUCK YOU! YOU CHILL OUT!” “I’M GONG TO KICK YOUR ASS!” “I’LL BEAT ALL YOUR ASSES!”. He was just talking shit to me nonstop. He goes to me, “YOU ARE THE WORST TEAM MANAGER EVER!” I finally grabbed him up, and I was like, “WITH ALL THE SHIT THAT I HAVE DONE FOR YOU!” IF YOU KEEP TALKING SHIT I AM GOING TO BREAK YOUR FACE IN HALF!” He continued for a good fifteen minutes, Cole had to restrain me and talk me out of it. I knew it wasn’t worth losing my job over, but at that point, I was pretty psyched on the idea of kicking his ass. A few of the other dudes took him inside and let him know how lame he was being and calmed him down. I don’t think we spoke for two days after that. The next day he went up to everyone on the team and apologized. Then he apologized to me and so did I.

At the time it was just a shitty situation. I didn’t want to punch the dude out; I actually really like him. Now, we’re really good friends and he’s one of my favorite people of all time to be around. He’s grown up a lot since that trip, he fucking rips. That’s my “Team Management Horror Story”; nothing too crazy, but I could be trying to sell you the hottest new cell phone accessory in your local outlet mall right now. Hey Garrett how good was Tampa?

Memoirs Of A Team Manager with Chris “Bama” Bodiford


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