Memoirs Of A Team Manager with Dave Hoang

Memoirs Of A Team Manager with Dave Hoang

Dealing with several hotel rooms full of over zealous young AMS is perhaps one of the hardest assignments a team manager will face during their career. Young AMS on their first tour will likely have little in the way of self-restraint. It’s just a matter of time before the inevitable mayhem results in a magnificent disaster that the team manager must deal with. In the case below, Dave Hoang (TM at Duffs shoes) tells a scary tale of assault and false imprisonment. On one fateful day in Tampa, Dave almost lost a few of skateboarding’s greatest young hopefuls.

Dave Hoang explains: In January 2003 I flew into Atlanta with Tony Silva, Josh Harmony, and Billy Marks. We planned to meet up with Seamus Deegan, Anthony Shetler, Thrasher photographer Pat O’dell, Mike Nalls, Jon Hoisington, and Nick DomPierre to drive on down to Tampa, FL for the Damn Am and get some skating in on the way.
Nick Dompierre was only 15 or 16 at the time, the youngest one on the trip and pretty new to the chaos of life on the road. During our drive down to Tampa, Tony and Josh were shooting slingshots and lighting fireworks. Billy was breaking into hotel rooms and taping porn up on the walls, blowing stuff up, lighting fires, etcetera, etcetera. By the time we got to Tampa, Nick was already broken in and getting in on the hi-jinks. In Tampa, we connected with the rest of our crew, Bryan Herman, Spanky, Joey Poriez, Raymond Molinar, Johnny Layton, Corey Duffel, and Matt Allen.

At AM contests, no one’s old enough to go out to the bars so the hotel becomes the party. With a mob of 15-20 year old skaters in one place, trouble is bound to happen. The hotels around the Skatepark Of Tampa tend to be a little sketchy. Often these hotels offer monthly rates so there will be low-income families living in some of the rooms and gangsters dealing crack out of other rooms. Billy, Nick, and Duffel thought it would be fun to shoot fireworks off at the hotel from inside the courtyard. A few crack dealers came out of one of the rooms to tell them stop with the fireworks. So then, of course, Billy, Nick, and Corey launch another Bottle rocket right towards their room. That made the crack dealers mad and a few of these dudes chased Nick into his room, busted in and locked the door. Billy Marks, Josh Harmony, Tony Silva, and Patrick Melcher (who was hiding in the bathroom) were all locked in the room with these cracked out gangsters. They were pretty much being held hostage and threatened. One of them ended up socking Nick in the face. The rest of our crew had no idea what was going on in there. They thought the boys were getting stabbed, shot, and beat up by these fools. No one knew what to do. I had just rolled up at the hotel and a bunch of people were telling me about how they were locked in Nick’s room with a bunch of crack heads that were going to kill them. I immediately called Matt Sharkey (who was the Consolidated TM at the time) to see if he could round up some more dudes and meet up at Nick’s room to fight off some crack heads. By the time we had gotten to the room, the crack heads had left and everyone ended up being okay. I think our crew got a good scare though. The cops showed up at the hotel and when we gave them our side of the story, they told us, “Next time hit the crack heads over the head with your boards.” You’ve got to love those cops in Tampa!

Crew of Over Zealous Young AMs means TM troubles. Photo: Dave Hoang

Crew of Over Zealous Young AMs means TM troubles. Photo: Dave Hoang


Corey Duffel

Photo: Dave Hoang


Dave Hoang

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