Memoirs Of A Team Manager with Ed Dominick

Ed Dominick

The job of team manager is not glamorous, as many might believe. Ed Dominick held the post of TM over at Maple during its heyday in the mid nineties. This issue Ed Dominick shares a story about managing Marc Johnson and proves once again if you want to be a tm you’ve got to have the patience of a saint.

While at Maple, one time Marc came down to work on a new shape at the factory. He worked hard at dialing in the shape and was all stoked on it. He went and skated on it and was all excited about it. He heads home and calls me up a few days later and goes, “I want my new shape. Just put some paint on it, Spray paint it green, I don’t need a graphic on it.” I went down to the factory right away and got ten or twelve boards custom made from his shape. I boxed them up, and sent them out next day air. I get a phone call from him that day and he says to me, “I need more boards!”. I was like, “Did you not just get that box I just shipped?” He goes, “I got it! I need more boards.” So I sent him more boards. Later I talked to his roommate and he told me that he got the box. The Fed Ex guy shows up with the box, Marc opens up the box, looks at the boards, put the boards back into the box and throws the box into the middle of the street. He then walks back inside the house and that is when he called me to ask for more boards. I never questioned it. I was just like, “Whatever”, and went along with it and never said anything.”

March Johnson Nosegrind Circa 1995. Photo: Dominick.

March Johnson Nosegrind Circa 1995. Photo: Ed Dominick.

Another time I was living down in Solana Beach. I was right across from that spot EG at the time. Marc came down to stay with me to go skate. In the morning he set up a new board. He went across the street to EG to warm up for the day. So he puts the board together at my house, skates across the street to EG, goes up to ollie up the ledge, to a nose manual or something, grabs the board and throws it into the middle of the soccer field walks back up to my house and starts putting a new board together. There is no need for an explanation; he’s just a fucking weirdo. I do want to say this. I am friends with Marc, we are still friends to this day. He’s a great person. These are some of the things, that you deal will being a team manager. Marc was young, and in the spot light. I’m not shit talking by any means, you know, he was young at the time. He’s a rad guy, he’s obviously, came around years later and got over being like that. This was ‘96 or something.


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