Paranormal Encounters

Paranormal Encounters
Paranormal Encounters

In the following pages we asked these high profile shredders what they thought of the supernatural and paranormal.  Turns out quite a few of these rippers have had some sort of paranormal shit happen to them. Here are their stories:

Paranormal Encounter with WILLY SANTOS : When I lived in the Philippines, there was this water tower behind our house that was about ten feet high.  I climbed up there to check things out one day and the next day I got a really high fever.  After a couple of days my mom got worried and took me to a native healer.  He used some kind of oily medicine on my back and it smelled like mint.  He had this bowl with what looked like water in it.  There was a lit candle and the wax would drip down into the bowl.  When he did this he told my mom that the melted wax formed a human body and that it was proof that I was possessed.  A couple of days later I was back to normal. He said that a spirit possessed me when I was playing on that water tower.

Paranormal Encounters: Corey Duffel Backside Lipslide

Correy Duffel Has a troll living behind his house. Back lip. Photo: Cronan

Paranormal Encounter with COREY DUFFEL: My girlfriend Brittney saw a ghost.  She and her friend were driving down the highway out by Murrieta and they both at the same time got a chill down their spines and they looked at each other and were like. “Wooh what was that?”  Then they saw a figure by the side of the road.  It was a form of a man and it seemed to be floating around.  They tripped out and went home.  Her friend’s mom told them the next day that some guy had died just a few hours before right where they supposedly saw the ghost of the dude.  I believe her.  My only experience with  the supernatural is with the creepy guy who lives in my backyard.  He is a troll.  He only comes out once every Wednesday night to get Doritos and Coke maybe.  He just lurks, he is sensitive to light.  His name is Kenny, so that is pretty hot.  He looks like he is straight out of Fraggle Rock.  That is my only encounter with the supernatural.

Paranormal Encounters Jason Adams Stalefish

The ghost in Jason Adams’ house liked to steal his roomates panties. Stalefish.
Photo: Rhino

Paranormal Encounter with JASON ADAMS: I lived in this old house in downtown San Jose that was built like in the thirties.  It had these two big buildings next to it so it didn’t get much sunlight.  It started out with just creepy things happing, like noises and weird stuff like that.  I had a roommate that was a girl and only her stuff would turn up missing.  Her ID, clothing, different things like that would turn up missing.  The thing that really freaked me out though was when I came home one summer, granted I had a few beers in me, and the heater was going full blast.   I turned it off and went to bed and my roommate asked me, “Why’s the heater on?”  Nobody had turned the heater on, not to mention it wasn’t even plugged in because my roommates had unplugged it earlier to set up their band equipment.  I was like, “Wooh man what the heck is going on?”.   Another morning I was laying in bed and was kinda half asleep and all of a sudden I got this creepy feeling,  like there was something in the room.  I was super terrified, I felt like l couldn’t move.  Next thing I know I feel like there is something sitting on the bed.  I felt the bed go down, and I didn’t know what to do.  I tried to talk but couldn’t talk.  All of a sudden it felt like someone got off the bed and then I could talk again.   So many little things would happen in that house, it was so old and creepy that it kind of made me wonder.

Paranormal Encounters: Ben Gilly

Ben Gilley 50-50 through a kink to 180 out. Sequence: Rhino

Paranormal Encounter with BEN GILLEY: There used to be this place in Alabama that we used to go to called Bryce.  It was a mental hospital.  It was like an hour drive down this creepy road that was covered by Magnolia trees.   At the end of the road there was this huge mansion.  It had these huge white pillars.  It was the creepiest place you ever because it was in the middle of this field.  It had these padded rooms and hospital beds.  We would always go there at night with flashlights and it was the scariest thing.  We would always hear these crazy noises in there.

Paranormal Encounters: Switch Flip Boardslide

Never let a Skinwalker get between you and a hot chick. Rodney Jones, Switch Flip Boardslide. Sequence: Rhino.

Paranormal Encounter with RODNEY JONES: I was doing a demo on a Navajo reservation in New Mexico and this guy told me this story that freaked me out.   His brother was dating this Navajo girl that lived on the reservation.  The only way he and this girl could see each other was at school so they lined up a date.  He drove way out to her place to pick her up.  They went on their date when they came back he was sitting around with her family and all of sudden, her three dogs started barking like crazy.  They went outside to check on them and the dogs were completely skinned. All that was left was just muscles and bones. Her family told him it was a Skinwalker.  Skinwalkers are medicine men who got cast out of their tribes because they took up black magic. That Skinwalker was related to that girl’s family.  The dude was all freaked out and he left after about an hour. As he was driving off their property this thing came running up alongside of his car.  He couldn’t describe what the hell he saw. He started speeding up and the thing kept speeding up with him.  At the end of their yard it just hopped the fence and went running back into their yard.  He never talked to the girl again.

Paranormal Encounters: Patrick Melcher Tail Drop Boardslide

Patrick Melcher doesn’t believe in ghosts. Top Step Pressure Ollie to Boardslide.
Sequence: Rhino

Paranormal Encounter with PATRICK MELCHER: I am a completely rational person.  The supernatural stuff that I am aware of are things that can be explained through telekinesis or shit like that.  Like how twins have these connections where they have never seen each other but they wind up liking the same stuff and buying the same car or getting married on the same day.   I am an atheist so I don’t believe in ghosts and spirits and stuff but I do believe in the law of thermodynamics.  There is energy in your body and energy, according to the first law of Thermodynamics, cannot be destroyed or created, it can only be transferred.  We don’t really understand the bump in the night shit so we label it “a ghost”.    When I was a kid, there was a graveyard we would go to and try and freak each other out. We would ride our bikes down there at night and we would try and scare the younger kids with stories.  We’d be like,  “See that grave?  That lady burned up her whole family.  Sometimes late at night,  you can see her walking in her white dress”. That was fun man.

Paranormal Encounters: Anthony Shetler 360Flip

ANTHONY SHETLER is alive to do this 360 Flip becuase of a ghostly shed. Photo: Rhino

Paranormal Encounter with ANTHONY SHETLER: When I was young I lived in Arizona and we used to hang out in these sketchy alleys.  Once I went down this one alley and a Doberman Pincher started chasing me.  I ran down this alleyway and into a shed that was like a small wooden shack.  There were a bunch of boxes and stuff in there that I hid behind and the dog came in, sniffed around, and left.  The sketchy part is, I went back the next day and the shed wasn’t even there.  I swear to God.  I don’t know where the shed came from.  It saved my life.  That dog would have mauled me.  We went back and looked for it but we couldn’t find any trace of it.  It had vanished.

Paranormal Encounters: Danny Fuensalida Swich Bluntslide

Why would a ghost want to pour something into Danny Fuensalida’s ear? Switch Bluntslide. Photo: Rhino.

Paranormal Encounter with DANNY FUENSALIDA: When I was like sixteen I lived in Chile.  One morning I got woken up because I felt a tingle in my ear.  I looked up and it looked like an outline of a person standing over me, it looked like a friend of mine.  He was like leaning and looking into my eyes and pouring something into my ear.  I looked at him but it just looked like a black outline of somebody.  I thought that it was just a memory or something so I closed my eyes and opened them and I could still see it.  It seemed to be moving and that’s what was so strange about it.  I pulled the sheets over my face and I was like, “what the…”after about two minutes I got the courage to swipe my hand where he was but nothing was there.  I can’t explain it.  I know I wasn’t dreaming because I was awake.

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