Vices Without Virtues

  • VICES VICES Anger: Matt Pailes is not prone to the vice of anger. He stays centered by doing long lipslides. Photo: Morford.
  • GLUTTONY GLUTTONY Gluttony: I thought that Tommy Sandoval’s greatest vice is his love of dice but I think that his real vice is his gluttony for handrails. Here Tommy gorges himself with a nose blunt to fakie. Sequence: Shigeo.
  • SLOTH SLOTH Sloth: Anyone who knows Aaron Suski will tell you he is not lazy when it comes down to taking care of business. Business is, in this case, an ollie out to tailslide. Photo: Deville.
  • LUST LUST Lust: There was a time when balding middle-aged businessmen sat around this pool sipping drinks and lusting after cocktail waitresses in high heels. That same intense desire is now focused on the lip of this beauty. Whitedog, frontside air over the love seat. Photo: Fick.
  • ENVY ENVY Envy: The Old English Dictionary, in its third definition, defines envy as “the feeling of mortification and ill-will occasioned by the contemplation of superior advantages possessed by another.” Colt Bowen’s frontboard through the kink sums it up for me. Sequence: Rhino

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