CLICK CARABINER | Snowboarding and Skiing Tool


CLICK CARABINER | Snowboarding and Skiing Tool

A little over a year ago our friend and industry veteran, Mark Schmid strolled into our office with his latest project. I instantly knew Schmiddy had a winner.

I should have known when Schmiddy comes up with something chances are it’s going to be a success. Schmiddy, has a stellar track record in product creation, in fact he’s been coming up with insanely useful products for decades. The hugely successful deck display, that’s Schmiddy’s creation, the Skate Tool Carabiner also his invention. This time, Schmiddy has managed to create a couple of an incredibly stylish carabiners that hold snowboarding and skiing specific wrenches, a screw driver and a bottle opener.

Schmiddy’s start up company, CLICK Carabiner has just launched a Kickstarter Campaign to help fund this awesome idea.  At this moment CLICK Carabiner is half way to their $50K goal.

Aside from having the potential to save your day on the mountain CLICK Carabiners are incredibly useful for a host of other things like hooking your gloves to your belt loop,  stylishly securing your keys and opening beers.  Add in the CLICK Carabiner patent-pending “Glove-On” technology which allows you to open the tools even with gloves on,  you’d be hard pressed to find a better, cooler, more useful tool for snowboarding and skiing. As the company tag line states, TUNE BINDINGS. ANYTIME. ANYWHERE.

The CLICK Carabiner For Snowboarding

The CLICK Carabiner For Snowboarding

For the first adopters they’re offering a choice of either CLICK Carabiner for an incredibly low $14 US shipping included, $32 International shipping included.

Check out the project’s kickstarter campaign page to learn more about the rewards and watch the pitch video. Then back it by grabbing a few and sharing with your friends. Let’s help this thing succeed!

They set up a landing page here to make sharing easy.

Check out The CLICK CARABINER Kickstarter Pitch video

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