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Once upon a time there was no piece of apparel as lowly as the sock. The socks on your feet are not on your mind at all, unless, of course you are on your way to very important meeting and you shart yourself in the car. Then that sock on your left foot suddenly becomes the single most important piece of clothing you’ve ever owned. That poor defenseless under appreciated piece of clothing gets absolutely no respect.

Richer Poorer is single handedly working to change this. Their line of socks aim-according to the brand-to make socks as necessary to a man’s wardrobe as stars and stripes are to the American flag.

Our friend Taylor at Richer Poorer recently sent down a box of these beauties for us to put in to action. I will tell you that instantly I felt special when I slid my feet into them. I’m not just throwing out some dick stroking props because I got a free box of socks. I mean it. I walked a little taller the moment I put them on. Let’s hold off judging my psychological state of wellness for a moment. Obviously, something is not quite right when it takes a pair of colorful socks to make me feel good about myself. Nonetheless, I felt good and I bet you will too, even if it is fleeting, and a tad superficial, we’re not goddamn yogis now are we?

Richer-Poorer offer these cotton works of art in an incredibly diverse array of colors, bold designs, classic patterns, and modern prints.

These are next level high quality socks I can guarantee you will never consider sacrificing in a pinch.

Head over to Richer Poorer and grab a few pair.

Richer Poorer




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