SOL TRACKS HD Anthem Headphones Review

SOL TRACKS HD Anthem Headphones Review

Have you seen the size of kids these days? Something like 80 percent of them look like condoms filled with jelly. It’s a national crisis. Who can we blame for this disaster? The food companies, overuse of antibiotics, the parents, video game manufactures, who? Thankfully someone is taking some initiative to help the Honey Boo Boos of this country get off their fat tushis. SOL REPUBLIC and that oh so lovable stoner/Fourteen-time Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps have teamed up to create the Anthem Headphones. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Michael Phelps Foundation. Michael Phelps Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused on growing the sport of swimming and promoting healthy and active lives, especially for children. What follows is the SOL TRACKS HD Anthem Headphones Review.

SOL graciously sent us a pair to put to use. I am an ardent and militant proponent of traveling light so right off the bat I am psyched on these headphones. The earcups detach from the headband, which enable the headphones to breakdown into a neat little package that easily fit into a carry-on bag. There are few things in my book more ultra douchey than strolling around with headphones around your neck like you’re a DJ that took a wrong turn and got lost on the way to the club.

All the pieces are interchangeable and will work with the entire Tracks Remix system. As an added bonus, if you’re traveling overseas you can proudly let the world know you’re an American asshole by showing your nation’s colors because these fuckers are red, white and blue.

They sound great to me but admittedly I’m pretty tone deaf and have severe hearing loss due to lifetime of unprotected exposure to explosions, gunfire, loud motorcycles, and punk rock shows. I’m sure sound wise they are as good if not better than the others on the market.

The headphones are currently available at top consumer electronics retailers worldwide and at for $149.99.

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