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A Life Once Lost Interview by Nowak

A Life Once Lost has recently become a favorite band of mine. They have this crushing, fierce brand of metalcore that brings to mind Meshuggah and a screaming mental patient taking a belt-sander to his throat while trying to eat his own face. It’s pretty scary sounding, and bad-ass. I caught up with vocalist Bob Meadows at the Virginia Hardcore & Metal Festival a couple weeks ago, where A Life Once Lost was headlining. I was surprised to see that was not a fearsome beast of a man like he sounds on record, but just this regular dude that you might see hanging out in a coffee shop or something; skinnier than I expected, bearded, laid-back mild-mannered and unassuming. This was a stark contrast to the maniac he would become on stage a couple hours later – the performance was intense and frenzied and amazing. I lost my voice screaming along, and it was one of the better live performances I’ve seen lately. A Life Once Lost are sick – check ‘em out! 

So, the first thing I wanna talk about is the couple of dates you’re scheduled to do on the Jagermeister Tour, opening for Disturbed. Corrosion Of Conformity just finished up a stint in that same slot, and Pepper Keenan was talking about it in an interview, like, he was so bummed on it, and he said it was the worst thing they ever did. How does A Life Once Lost feel about going out with and playing with Disturbed?

Obviously it’s not our crowd. But, everybody starts somewhere, so we gotta do these shows anyway, just to do it, just to try it.  I’m torn because the crowd is just fucking way more close-minded, and they’re there just to see Disturbed, and all these other bands are just a waste of time. And you have people chanting and shit; whatever, you just gotta play right through it and keep rockin’, you know? A really good way to look at it, too, is that we’re gonna be going in this and no one really knows who we are. I mean, we’re only gonna gain fans, we’re not gonna lose any fans.

Like, at this show tonight, I’ve never even heard of most of the bands playing, but they’re all doing such a rad job, I mean, shit is going off in there.  Back to the Jager thing, real quick – do you like Jager? Any Jager stories?

I blacked out in New Mexico drinking Jagermeister in a strip club. I spent $200 on lap dances and ended up blacking out on the table. I woke up with them pouring shit on my head. I threatened to beat up our guitar player, I was spitting on kids; I was out of my mind. I almost took a swing at somebody… it was the Jager rage.

How did you guys hook up with Randy Blythe from Lamb Of God and get him to help out on the Hunter album and contribute vocals to “Vulture”? 

I book shows in Philadelphia, so I booked Lamb Of God a few times and became friends with them. I sang with Lamb Of God, when they left Randy in Virginia, at a show in New Jersey a couple years ago…

Wait, they left him in Virginia?

Well, he slept in, and they just left. And he had to catch up, and he couldn’t do it, so…

That’s rad! So you sang for them, and did like a whole Lamb Of God set?

Yeah. That was pretty cool; that was a nice Christmas present. But, yeah, we played these Fear Factory shows – Fear Factory, Children Of Bodom, and Lamb Of God. Throwdown couldn’t make the first two shows; one was in Charlotte, and the other in Pittsburgh. So we got a call because we were with the same booking agent, and they’re like, “We’ve got these two opening spots and you can take ‘em?”.  And we’re like, “Fuck yeah, lets’s do it!”  So we jumped in the van and drove down, and we’re hanging out and Randy stumbles off their bus, and we start talking. So I was like, “Hey, you wanna sing on our record?” And he’s like, “Yeah!” And then he asked if I wanted him to help me with the vocals, like the production of it. Obviously I would love to have someone [in there] who has been doing it as long as he has, as successful as he is. That’s how that all came together.

When I first started listening toA Life Once Lost a year or so ago, I was first exposed to you by the “Vulture” video on Headbanger’s Ball. But it was kind of fucked up because at the chorus where you say “I will hunt you til you die!”, they have it do this weird backwards business there, where the sound is reversed for that second, and it kinda ruins the song a little bit, or at least the groove of it. Were you bummed out about that?

Yeah. I had a party at my house [for the video premiere], and I had a lot of friends over to watch; my Mom was there… you know, obviously this is something that we’re all really proud of. Everyone was getting really excited, and it goes into the chorus and you hear this like “ree-wer-wer-wer” , and you‘re just like, WHAT?!? My heart sank; my excitement just totally like ate shit. We didn’t even know about it. It sucks that MTV can have, like, rap videos exploiting women, or talking about killing people, or shit like that, and we can’t have “hunt you til you die”, just because we don’t sell the records, I guess. It’s bullshit, in my opinion, that MTV did that.

A Life Once Lost lyrics are really confrontational and aggressive. Where do they come from for you?

The lyrics are based around relationships in my life; what I feel more comfortable walking on stage and talking about, instead of politics or religion, which I know nothing about.  I can talk about my life and my relationships with my friends, with girls, with my father, with my mother.  Everyone feels that alienation growing up, everyone feels as if they are just being mocked You kinda just lose it sometimes, and you wanna let go, and just fucking just do something.  That’s what Hunter was about, just going out and taking what you want.

What made you want to become a frontman for A Life Once Lost 

I think, just going to shows and seeing how the singers reacted with the crowds… just, the relationship that can develop in that 30 minutes is fucking amazing. You can’t feel that kind of rush anywhere else. To me, it’s just, all eyes are on you for 30 minutes, and it’s a rush.  With these guys, and with Hunter, it’s our thing; we’ve found it. The next record that we do is just gonna be fucking even sicker, you know? We’re that confident that everything that we put out from this point forward is just gonna progressively be… madness.

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