Harry And The Potters

Harry And The Potters

Words By Drew Danburry


When I first strapped on my pink fanny pack I was quick to become aware of the way others perceived me. It’s a little silly, goofy, but fun. I was content to wear my little silly pink fanny pack regardless of the social implications of a mid-twenty year old male wearing a hot pink fanny pack.  I’m sure I could think of a number of different homophobic or stylistic criticisms but I wouldn’t want to spoil the beauty of it with such negativity. And that’s how Harry and the Potters are. Initially you think to yourself, “Wow that’s really funny, there’s two guys singing songs about Harry Potter. That’s quite clever and really silly.” You might be inclined to write them off as a novelty act just like you would do to me if you saw me wearing my Pink Fanny Pack. But for anyone who has been to one of the Harry and the Potters shows they are quick to realize how awesome they are. Sure it’s fun-loving and you giggle. But to be frank, the sheer awesomeness of the moment takes you away from any worries of what society and the MAN (We all know who the man is right? I mean…above and beyond Voldemort of course) thinks of you for being into this silly duo.   There’s a reason why Pitchfork Media mentioned them as one of the best five shows of the year 2005. It’s above and beyond Harry Potter, it’s more than just singing along to a look-alike Harry Potter or jumpkicks or guitars wailing so crazy loud your heart bursts and your clothes fly off. But rather than give you any clues as to what goes on, I would encourage you to go to the show yourself.


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