Sean Price

Sean Price


Breakfast cereal is not a part of rapper Sean Price’s early morning wakeup routine. Nope.  Evidently, he doesn’t drink milk.  And it’s not so much because of the whole lactose-intolerance issue but rather, he says, he just plain grew out of it.  That’s how badass Sean Price is: he doesn’t need a reason to stop ingesting one of the most popular dairy products on the planet, he just quits.  Fuck it.  Known to fans for years as Ruck, one half of the “incredible rap team” Heltah Skeltah, Sean Price has officially taken back his birth name and reappeared to shake up the hip hop scene as a solo artist.

Automatic: Your solo debut, “Monkey Bars,” was decreed as 2005’s indie album of the year by esteemed outlets everywhere.  How do you feel about being labeled “Indie?”
Sean Price: It’s not like they’re disrespecting me.  It’s the truth.  I can live with it.  They ain’t call me dickhead artist of the year.  We all want a bigger stage but this independent stage is great. I’m not complaining at all.

New York has gone through a lot of changes since you emerged there in the mid-nineties.  Have those changes had an effect on your music?
Sean Price: None at all, man.  Matter of fact, the sound that I’m hearing now makes me wanna do what I’m doing times ten cause these niggas is losing focus, man. I appreciate the South for what they doing.  No hating, no nothing.  I love that shit.  They doing their thing.  But I don’t think a New York nigga should try to do what they do.  Do what you do and eventually it’ll catch on.  Stop sucking them country niggas dicks, man.  Word to the mother.

Ever read comic books as a kid?
Sean Price:I read comic books right now.  X-Men.  Always.  I’m a Marvel dude.  I think they need to put more black comic book heroes in the magazines though. We always get corny motherfuckers like the Black Panther and the Falcon. Fucking black dude with wings and shit.  Shit is wack.

You’re often praised for your rawness and honesty.  Is there anything that’s off-limits as far as the lyrics go?
Sean Price: You know the comedian George Carlin?  He said, “When you find that limit you shouldn’t cross, cross that shit.”  So I’m all for that, man.  I’m not into just saying shit cause it’s gonna shock you, but I like saying shit that shock you though.  I don’t even debate.  I be like, “Say it.”  That mean it’s good.

Heltah Skeltah’s first album was titled “Nocturnal.”  have you ever truly lived the nocturnal lifestyle?
Sean Price: Yeah, man.  That’s based on street hustlin’.  At nighttime, we be up doing all kinds of shit.  Smoking, fucking with bitches, making money, nah mean?  I used to sell crack then go in to watch David Letterman.  Then go back outside.  When he was on NBC.  That’s how long ago.  Back then.

 “Monkey bars” and sean’s dvd “passion of price” are available now.  Sean Price’s sophomore release, “Jesus Price Superstar,” will be in stores this fall.

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