Karma Tsochef | Issue 59

Shit Talk Corner with Karma Tsochef

Shit Talk Corner with Karma Tsochef

Shit Talk Corner with Karma Tsochef

As you well know each issue we give one lucky fellow the opportunity to spew as much shit as they can about a few randomly chosen topics. The only rule being, they can say absolutely nothing positive about the topic what so ever. For this issue’s Shit Talk Corner we’ve enlisted Karma Tsocheff. We asked karma to light some incense, sit in the lotus position, and enter a deep transcendental meditative state. We wanted Krama to really get to know his “inner hater”. Here’s what his hate meditation session yielded.

All things shall fucking pass including any New Year’s Resolution that you’ve made. What’s the point? Everything will pass. Nobody has ever, in the history of mankind, has stuck with a new years resolution past March.

Walt Disney and the fast food industry got started in LA. It’s the birthplace of the capitalizing on the youth of America. LA catered to the car and highways, pollution, mechanized slaughterhouses, psychologically tapping into young people’s minds turning them into life long customers.

It seems like value is all that counts, the message has been lost. That whole materialistic thing sucks; I think it distorts reality for the youth. It gives them a false sense of what success really is. 9 times out of 10 the cars and jewelry in the videos they push are rented. It’s all an illusion.

The probability of racking your nuts is just too high to make any real man want to jump a bicycle down anything. You have a bar between your balls the whole time. Not for me.

That shit goes right along side reality T.V. Who’s really getting burned? It’s a billion dollar industry, are you in? It’s just lame shameless self-promotion.

Okay, a quesadilla is cheese & tortilla. Why is it when ordering one do you have to specify “cheese” quesadilla? Isn’t that what it is? It’s redundant and annoying.

You gotta get all cliqued up on the internet and get your scene going tight. All your little Myspaceing amd art chatrooms, and blogs, modern minor masterpieces for the untrained eye.

The proverbial carrot; forever in sight but just out of reach.

Shit Talk Corner with Karma Tsochef

Jersey Barrier Lipslide. Sequence: Tadashi

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