Mike York | Issue 52

Mike York

Mike York

Mike York: Shit Talk Corner

This issue our Shit Talker is Mike York. The rules of Shit Talk corner are: The Shit Talker must not say anything positive at all about the 5 random topics chosen for them. I’m kind of feeling like Mike bent the rules a little because some of his responses have an air of positivity about them. We’re going to overlook this blatant disregard for our rules because even with his slightly encouraging endings, he gets some good hating in.

I can think of a few skaters who have been taken out by rocks. Permanently. But those aren’t the kind of rocks you mean, right? Perfectly smooth ground. I’m just pushing along… And GRRR!! Face plant. My keys stab my in the leg, my drink goes flying’ and some dick in a car honks, then helpfully suggests that I “skate or die!” I hate rocks.

It seems like computers and the internet are a haven for the weakest part of humanity to pitifully hate on others while hiding their identity. There should be a way to expose these haters ‘cause they wouldn’t dare spout that trash if they actually had to face the people they disrespect. Stop hiding and hating bitches!

There are times when cannibalism is used as a means of survival. For example, the members of The Donner Party, or the Uruguayan rugby team that was stranded in the Andes had to eat each other to survive. The skate industry, on the other hand, behaves more like Jeffery Dahmer. The industry takes young bloods and consumes them for its own selfish needs. The industry makes kids do more than they may be ready for, destroying them in the process, and then it moves on to chew up and digest the next bright eyed victim.

It’s really hard to shit talk on paradise. Except for the idiotic crackdown on skating. If they didn’t want people skating there, they shouldn’t have made it so perfect for skating. Keep Barcelona free!

Not enough people show an artistic side other than riding a skateboard. I’m not saying kids have to go out and buy a paint set, but creating art outside of skating will only help them grow out of the one dimensional little simpleton shits they are.

Photos By Kimathi Smith

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