Aric Sanders | Issue 39

Aric Sanders

Aric Sanders

Aric Sanders Interview: Migdol Photos: Tadashi

What follows is the Shop Talent interview with Willy Santo’s best and oldest employee and all terrain ripper Aric Sanders.

How old are you Aric Sanders?

Okay, what does Aric Sanders’  inner child think of you still working in a skate shop being as old as you are?
Damn, that is an interesting question.  I don’t know?  I am still excited about it as I ever was.  I’ve been skating since I was 4 years old. It never stopped or slowed down.  The only thing is I don’t jump down 20 stair handrails.  I still skate handrails but not as much as I used to.  I still dream about skateboarding, I still think about it when I am driving.

Yeah but what about your inner child?  Are you in touch with your inner child?
I guess so I am still skateboarding.  I still think like a kid.

I still play video games and I am still into Street Fighter.  I am not thinking about buying a house or anything like that.  How long have you been working at Willy’s Workshop?
I’ve been here three years.

What is up with your parents giving you that spelling of your name? Were they hippies and just had to be different?
You know, I never got an explanation for that.  I would say they were trying to be different.  I’ve met at least ten other people with that same spelling of their name.

So did you start a club for guys that spell the name ERIC beginning with an A?
Nope no club.

Did that hurt your inner child? You know, having to spell your name differently then all the other Erics?
Nah, I was always a loner.  It never bothered me.

But didn’t having a different spelling of your name damage you inner child, you know make you feel like an outsider?
It is possible I suppose but I don’t feel damaged.  I was pretty much the only kid in my neighborhood.  I always did things my way.  I don’t know if it was the spelling of my name, it was more the environment.

Okay, is Willy’s Workshop a friendly place for your inner child?
I would say so.  Willy’s got toys; I would say that Willy is pretty in touch with his inner child.  We are all young at heart here.

I know you wanted to talk about this park you and Willy are involved with so go ahead.
It’s PQ Skate Park and it is located next to the shop.   It is going to open toward the end of March.  I’ve been involved with the project for a little over a year.  I did the layout.   I volunteer my time.  Twice a day I go there and make sure that the transitions are built right and the coping is set right.

I thought that the park wasn’t going to have any tranny, that it was more focused on street.
It has a few transitions it has a spine ramp and a couple of hips here and there.  It’s light on transition.  There’s a San Dieguito style handrail with like hubba ledges, and there’s a picnic table built onto some stairs, it also has a double set with a kinked handrail.  It’s mostly real raw street stuff.  It’s going to be half wood and half concrete.  The wood portion is going to more like the Y style.

Who sponsor’s your inner child?
I have a bunch of flow sponsors.  Obviously Willy’s Workshop, Powell skateboards, Bones Wheels, Adio shoes, Planet Earth Clothing, Blues Skateboard Products.

Aric Sanders

Aric can huck one of the meanest stalefish’s in the business! High over the channel at the Poway park.



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