Dan Careiro | Issue 49

Dan Careiro

Photos and Words by Justin Keena

Are you in the bathroom right now?

Dan Careiro: I’m taking a shit as we speak.

Ok. Where do you live and work?

Dan Careiro: I live in Sterling, Massachusetts, and I work at MSC Skate Park & Pro Shop in Shrewsbury.

How’d the Woodward contest you got flown to go?

Dan Careiro: Good.  The contest was cool, I got second, but that place is weird!  If you don’t have a car out there, that place feels like you’re trapped. You’re out in the middle of nothing.  Just fields and mountains. Hey, make sure you get this [Flushing noise]. Oh that stinks. It’s just a weird vibe at Woodward.  You know the term “Skate Coach Dad”?


Dan Careiro: Total Skate Coach Dad feeling up there, like “Son if you don’t do that, you don’t get supper!”  It bums me out. It’s like, “Do a rock and roll or you’re grounded.”. The kids that are getting yelled at by their dad and shit and they are the ones that are going to quit cause they’ll always remember skating as something that got pushed on them.  There’s too much pressure to get sponsored, y’know?    It’s getting crazy. Skateboarding is getting so corporate right now that it’s sickening. It’s all about image, not what people skate, or how hard they skate.  Like Omar Hassan. He’s one of the best skaters because he can skate street, vert, this dude can skate anything. But he doesn’t get as many props as he should because he’s not corporately marketable. He’s just a skateboarder, he’s not a 14 year old bling bling kid that will back over crook any handrail you put in front of him, you know what I mean?

Don’t worry. The skating industry will crash again. So, I heard you have a pimp car.

Dan Careiro: I used to. It was like a ’92 Carrola.  No joke, the system was worth more than the car. I bought that car for like $1400 and 900 dollars of it was the system. I bought it from this kid I use to work with. That car was fuckin hilarious.  It caught on fire. The foam part of the seats. There was a whole crew in it bumpin’ down the street when I smelled burning plastic. I looked in my rearview mirror and there was smoke everywhere, like barreling out the back windows. I was like, “Everyone get the fuck out of the car!”. I just ripped out the back seat. Flipped it out onto the parking lot and it was just on fire. It was sketchy because one of the wires that burned was over a WD40 can and there was a ton of trash paper in the back seat so that shit could have gone up real good.  But the car is still running today with 247,000 miles on it.  I sold it to my buddy. He still has it.   That baby’s still rollin.

Do you ever go to sleep at work?

Dan Careiro: Oh man, On a couple of occasions. One time we stayed up all night trying to finish this quarter pipe for the park, until like 8:30 in the morning and I had to work at 9:00. In that half hour I was waiting at the desk I must have passed out.  I just woke up to people starring at me. I barely remember people trying to talk tp me and I was just starring at them.  Total creeper style.

I heard you bought a guitar for 300, even though you didn’t know how to play,  ‘cause you wanted to start a band called Gnar Boots, and the next day you broke it.

Dan Careiro: Yeah, I’m a clumsy person. I’m cursed or something. The other week I got a pack of buds and a drink and it came to $6.66, and that happened like three times over a few weeks.  I kept buying a bunch of weird shit like an Arizona and a pack and it came to 666. I bought a pack of gum, a soda and something to eat and it came to 666…  And this piece of of paper I crumpled it up,  I burned it, blew it out, and unraveled it and it said SIN on it in black!

Any parting words?

Dan Careiro: I don’t know, dude.  I don’t do anything but skate. Skatin and fuckin, and rockin.

So, alright. Who gets credit for hookin’ you up?

Dan Careiro: EasternBoarder and Fallen.

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