Jason “Muffin” Kuhns | Issue 54

Jason “Muffin” Kuhns

Jason "Muffin" Kuhns Interview By Kris Anacleto

Jason “Muffin” Kuhns Interview By Kris Anacleto

How long has Jason “Muffin” Kuhns been working and riding for Urban?

I’ve been working for Urban for about 6 years, but I ride for Revolution ride shop.

Wait, you work for Urban, but ride for Revolution? How does that happen?

It’s kinda weird. My good friend Ryan opened a shop in Palm Springs a while ago and I’ve been riding for that longer than I’ve been working at Urban.

Why do people call you Muffin? Does it have something to do with you having a vagina?

No! Ah man, son of a bitch. Well, back in 2000 I used to work at Apollo / November clothing, and my hair was super long and poofy. So everyone that worked there started calling me Muffin behind my back. They told me cause they felt bad, but everyone was psyched on it so it stuck. Ever since then I am known as the Muffin man.

Have you ever been held up at gunpoint while working at Urban?

No but some of the gangsters in San Marcos used to try and trade weed and glow in the dark condoms for product. And a sketchy crack head tried to break into my girlfriend’s car, so we went out and told him to leave and that we called the cops. But then he kept trying it, then eventually went and sat on a rock and sang to himself. The cops eventually came. All in broad daylight.

Okay mandatory shop talent question, what’s up with all the hot dad’s that come in the shop?
HAHAHA the hot dads…

Yah, Migdol always asks about the hot Dad’s. Oh well yah, the DILF’s.
Well ya know, they’re nice, easy to deal with, and always buy skateboards for themselves, it’s really hot.

Any girls come in the shop and want to trade product for sex?

Well this drunk chick came into the shop the other night and told me she wanted to make me a martini in my car. She was hammered out of her mind, it was ridiculous. I had to tell her no cause I didn’t wanna drink and drive, and cause I actually have a cool girlfriend.

All right, is there anyone besides me that you want to thank?

Yeah, my family, Urban, RyRy at Revolution, I Path, Planet Earth, Rasa Libre, Lisa, Kris, Jon, Luera, Zack, Justin at Generator, and Oliver.

Yah, well Jason “Muffin” Kuhns really only needed to thank me.


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