Jeremy Morgan | Issue 44

Shop Talent – Jeremy Morgan

Shop Talent - Jeremy Morgan

Shop Talent – Jeremy Morgan

This issue’s Shop Talent is Jeremy Morgan of Board Authority. Interview preformed by Migdol, photos by Tadashi.

What’s the name of the shop you work at Jeremy Morgan? 
The Board Authority.

Where’s Tracy, CA?
Right in the middle of Central Valley. In between San Francisco and Sacramento.

So it’s all farmland, huh?
Yeah, pretty much, that’s what the economy is based on.

So get a lot of of dirtboarders coming in looking for stuff?
No, no dirtboarders.

Does Jeremy Morgan ride a dirtboard?
Ha. Ha. No, I’ve never ridden a dirtboard before.

So what’s the sketchiest thing that ever happened in the shop there?
Someone was messing with the owner’s dog, he was just egging him on, being mean to him and then the owner told them to stop and they guy was like “What, you want to step outside?”  So they went outside and he knocked him out and the dog was just licking the dude’s face and stuff.

Was the dog in the shop?
Yeah, we have the dog in the shop.  She’s a really nice dog but it’s a Pitbull so people are intimidated by her.

Has the dog ever bit anyone?
No, she just licks them.  She’ll jump up and knock small children down though.

What are your best selling hard goods?
Plan B or Girl.

So if someone got knocked down they could sue The Board Authority and get all the Girl or Plan B boards they ever wanted right?
Yeah they could, if they wanted to.

Does the dog ever sniff women’s crotches when they come in?
Sometimes she’ll creep up behind them and sniff their butts.

Any MILFS shop there?
Yeah, there are a lot of hot moms out here.  We live in a commuter city so people who work in San Jose live here cause it’s cheaper.

Anybody worn a pair of shoes for like 6 months and then tried to return them?
Ha, ha, no.  People will break stuff and try to bring it back.

Has Jeremy Morgan ever hooked up with any girls that come in the shop?
Yeah, a few.

Do they think Jeremy Morgan is super rad because you work in a skateshop?
Ha, uhh, they kind of like it.  They are enticed because it is, like, a different job.  It’s not your basic 9 to 5.  Plus they like all the clothes we carry.  So you can start talking to them like, “Do you want to try that on?  We’ve got a dressing room.”

Do you sell bikinis?  Do they ever ask you to help them try on a bikini?
Uh, it’s happened a couple of times.  I just tell them to try it on to make sure it fits, and then I’ll make sure it looks cool.

And they’re all, Does this make my ass look fat?
Exactly.  Once, while the store was open, I was just messing around with a girl while the door’s open.  I’m upstairs getting freaky and we hear the bells on the door ringing, like it’s opening.  So I’m like scrambling to get my pants on and I walk up to the edge of the balcony, it was one of my friends, and he’s like “What’s up, where’s Darren?” [the owner of the shop] and I’m like “Uhhhh, he’s not in right now.”


Did he think you and the owner were gaying off together up there?
No, he knew it was a girl up there.

Would the owner of the shop be bummed if he knew you were using the shop as a cheap motel?
Naw, we kind of mentioned it to each other before that we both had had sex in the shop and he was like “Yeah. My DNA is probably around the store somewhere too. I was like, “Whoa, that’s a little more than I needed to know…”

So if someone goes there to buy a pair of shoes then they might be able to see a live sex show?  
Yeah, it’s not too common of a thing, but you never know.

So if any girls wanna go and hookup, the store is open for “Business?”
It’d have to be the right one, I guess.

So are there a lot of tweakers in Tracy?
Yeah. There’s a lot of meth around here, and like the whole Central Valley all the way down to L.A.  Downtown tweakers are riding around on their squeeky bikes trying to bum cigarettes everywhere.   Sometimes they’ll come in to the store talking 100mph.

Do you guys have any store policy on tweakers?
Just keep your eye on them, I guess.

Alright that’s enough, who are your sponsors?
I get stuff from a bunch of different people but I’d like to get one sponsor that flows me stuff so if anyone’s reading this.  Electric sunglasses and Riding High clothing gets me stuff.

Shop Talent - Jeremy Morgan

Jeremy Morgan

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