Justin Cefai | Issue 48

Shop Talent – Justin Cefai
Shop Talent - Justin Cefai

By Rory Parker.

I don’t know what it is about working at Automatic that exacts such a high psychic toll. It seems like one or all of us is, at one time or another, is constantly battling some sort of anxiety disorder or depressive spiral. Consequently each month we somehow manage to take an act as innately joyous as skating, and, using cynicism and nihilism, suck out every single drop until there’s nothing left but a barren, somber shell.
That’s why it was such a refreshing change to do Justin Cefai’s Shop Talent this month. Rather than the usual sullen am skater who’s too cool for school, I was blessed with a good natured Michigan transplant with enough good sense to realize just how good he has it. Justin Cefai is stoked on his current situation, and why shouldn’t he be. He’s a handsome guy (I know that sounds gay but I am more than confident enough in my sexuality to praise an attractive man) with a beautiful girlfriend and a job he loves. I could take a lesson or two from Justin Cefai, we’re not all that different, I guess I just don’t know how to appreciate what I’ve got.
Here’s Justin Top Five Greatest Things in His Life (In no particular order):
His Job, ZJ’s Board house, provides Justin with a steady paycheck, a good atmosphere, and plenty of opportunities to earn some extra dough.

For example:

• Giving skate lessons and being flown out to AZ to set up 65 completes for some spoiled brat’s Bar Mitzvah.

• His Friends from Michigan who just moved out to CA.

• His girlfriend. Seriously, check her out on his myspace page. She’s smoking…

• Being able to skate in the beautiful sunshine every day.

• Popwar, Paul Sharpe, and all the guys at Giant who are super cool and hook it up.

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