Michael De La Te Jera | Issue 38

Words Migdol. Photos: Chase Wilson

How old are you Miguel?
I am 19.

How long have been working at Newport Ride Shop?
I’ve known the owner Johnny for a few years. I help out there when he needs me.

So what kind of weird shit goes on down there at the shop?
This one time this really drunk dude came in and was like, “Who hangs out with the Pigs?”  The owner is a friend with some of the police officers around here.  He reeked of booze and made this big scene.  He came back and opened the door and started yelling at everyone in the shop, “Fuck you guys”.  That was probably one of the funniest things that has ever happened there.

Over Crooks

What about you Miguel, what is your deal?
Nothing man, I just skate, I go out and shoot a lot.  We just shoot photos for fun.

It looks like you have some skills though, that Back Salad on Rincon that is pretty tight.
Yeah I wanted to get a picture of a back lip on it because I did it before Adrian Lopez did it.

So you are claiming you back lipped Rincon before Adrian Lopez?
Yeah I was pretty stoked, we were going to go back and get the photo but by the time we got to it his interview came out in Thrasher.  So I decided to get a picture of a backside salad.

The infamous backside salad at Rincon.

Wow dude you aren’t even sponsored and you are worried about Adrian Lopez one-upping you?  Do you guys give people attitude when they come into the shop if you don’t think they are “cool”?
Yeah actually we do.  There are these local skate kids that are really cocky.  They think that they are really good but they are not.  We just kind of make fun of them, then there are the scenesters that come in looking all cool, and the bros come in, it is funny.  It kills time, stereotyping them.  It’s fun.

Who are the most serious lurkers?
Just the skate kids, they lurk every day.

So what is life like out there in Menefee for Michael De La Te Jera?
It sucks out here.  It is out in the boonies.  We have to drive like 45 mins to the nearest good skate spot.  We go to Chino, LA, SD, we are kind of right in the middle of it all.

So what do you want to do with your life?
I want to see where skateboarding takes me and go to school.

Let’s end this interview.
I’d like to give a shout out to Cowtown and Hemit crew.




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