Sean Weikel | Issue 55

Sean Weikel | Issue 55

Words by Migdol. Photos by Andrew Mapstone

Words by Migdol. Photos by Andrew Mapstone

Sean Weikel is fully entrenched in the bowels of the OC working for Focus Boardshop. He spends his time gripping boards and looking at fake OC MILF boobs. Here he describes his skateshop life read on my little friend.

I’m going to ask you few questions revolving around Focus Boardshop and your involvement applying griptape to decks there.
Okay. Right on.

I imagine being in the affluent Lake Forrest community of the OC, the MILF situation would likely be top notch. I imagine it’s just like we see on the TV show Real MILFS OF the OC right?
There are seriously some hot moms here. They come in with their six year old kids wanting to get them boards and stuff.

Have you had any encounters with these women outside of the shop?
Not really. But Johnny who works here, every woman who comes in seems hit on him. He’s always chatting up the hot older women. I think he’s met up with a few of them outside of the shop and gone out to the bars with them. I think. That is what I’ve been told.

So you think he is lying about that? 
I’m not sure, I don’t know, Johnny is a pretty trustworthy guy.

Lake Forrest seems like a weird place to me. It’s all like office buildings and high-end strip malls. It doesn’t really seem like there is any real community. What type of people live out that way? 
Really rich people or really BRO people. Like jocks and meatheads. They’re are always coming in asking for Dickies pants, New Era hats, or like Famous clothing and stuff. We’re a Skateshop were not a freggin lifestyle shop.

What is your least favorite brand that the shop carries?
Krew. I’d have to say Krew. Every single little kid at the skatepark has Krew something. Krew hat, Krew pants, Krew shirt. It’s kind of getting really bad.

Are there any skate industry sales reps that come in that you’d like to show the door right away?
Ah, let me think. We’d had some random people come in here. Like board companies we’ve never heard of, they’ll bring in boards and we’ll be like, “Ahh okay”. Some people are down though, their cool, they’re just trying to get their name out there. Any time anyone sketchy comes in trying to sell stuff I point them to someone else.

So do you get to skate at the Eteines skatepark padless?
Sometimes their cool, they make you wear just a helmet and long sleeves but other times they can be dicks and bother the hell out of you. I don’t like wearing helmets at all so I try and stay away from the park. When I get off of work and I just want to go home and sleep. Standing around the shop and dealing with all the little kids makes me not want to skate. After work I can’t deal with any more little kids.

What’s the most annoying thing about the little kids that come into the shop. 
It’s the same thing over and over again. “What’s the best board company? Do you guys carry Baker Boards?” It’s like damn! Think for yourself! Stop buying everything that you think cool people are buying! I usually try and talk to the kids and tell them just because those companies advertise the most doesn’t mean they have the best board. It’s just a graphic and a name!

That’s awesome! There should be more skateshop employees like you who discourage kids from buying stuff. 

It’s like a day care center sometimes. Kids will come in 5 or 6 at a time, drop their boards and sit on the couch and watch videos for 2 hours. I have to sit there and pay attention to them and make sure they are not getting into trouble. It gets kind of annoying.

Kicklip to flat | Photo: Andrew Mapstone

Kicklip to flat | Photo: Andrew Mapstone

Have you ever caught one of them trying to shove some bearings down their shorts?
No, but this kid came in once and he tried to put a pair of pants under the pants he was wearing so Johnny locked the door and told him he was going to call the cops. He freaked out and started crying, “I’ll buy the pants, I’ll buy the pants. I swear.” He bought the pants and we told him not to come back. I don’t know what he was thinking. He had the money to buy the pants the whole time. I guess he thought it was a cool to steal from an actual skateshop. If you’ve got to steal, go steal from the mall or something. Steal from a big faceless corporation, not from skaters.

Switch Feeble Grind | Photo: Andrew Mapstone

Switch Feeble Grind | Photo: Andrew Mapstone

Wasn’t Focus Boardshop featured on that show Cheaters? 
Really? I don’t know.

Yeah, right out in front they were busting this girl for cheating on her boyfriend. 
Really? I didn’t even know there was a show called Cheaters.

It’s a really funny reality show, if someone suspects their girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating on them they call the show and they set up all these hidden cameras to catch them in the act. Then they confront them when they have the evidence. It’s awesome. I’m pretty sure Focus Boardshop was in one episode.
I don’t know why anyone would want to put themselves through that.

People want to be famous, whatever the cost.



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