Steve Fauser | Issue 46

Steve Fauser
Shop Talent - Steve Fauser

Interview by Rory Parker and his girlfriend Michelle. Photos by Bart Jones.

You know how things work.  I’m just gonna ask you a bunch of stupid questions until we get something funny and then we’ll be done.


Okay then, let’s get the basic shit first.  Where exactly do you live? And what shop to do you work at?
I grew up in Wheeling, Illinois and I work at SA Skateshop in Arlington Heights Illinois. My friend Rob owns the shop.  On days I work all my friends come in and hang.

You are sponsored by a completely different shop then you work at, why doesn’t SA sponsor you?
It’s really weird, I rode for SA since I was in eighth grade.  I’ve always ridden for the shop and worked there since I was a kid.  Rob, the owner, doesn’t skate though. I started skating with the owner of Rise and we all became really good friends.  I was down with that whole crew from Rise and we all skate together.  They sponsored me and Rob was cool with it.   That’s what’s so cool about SA, Rob’s down with letting me ride for another shop even though I work for him.

Are you still living there?
Kinda.  In the summers (I do), and in the winters I’m in Phoenix, AZ and in SouthernCalifornia.

Oh, so then it’s not like you’re fucking trapped out in the midwest or anything. Oh yeah dude, it’s like, I fucking love the Midwest, to death, and like, I don’t know, but the winter’s pretty crazy in Chicago, but like, Phoenix is the perfect place.

Then you actually live near Chicago? In my mind, anything east of the 405 freeway is a no man’s land.
That’s awesome.  I’m from the suburbs, like northwest suburbs, of Chicago.  It’s about a half an hour from the downtown.  The city of Chicago is awesome, like, old architecture and landscapes and stuff, but the suburbs are pretty flat, yeah.

Well, most of my questions are pretty midwest- centric… 
That’s good, I love talking about it.

Okay then.  My impression of midwestern life has always been, like, marry an ugly chick, watch her get progressively fatter over the years while farting out even uglier babies, until one day you have a heart attack and die.  Do you think you can really have a skate career while living out there?
I mean, I’ve been skating for my whole life, over twelve years, the majority of that has been in the Midwest, like, I grew up, a small kid skating in the Midwest, and the last, like, five years have been spent really traveling, and, like, seeing new places, and, like, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet really cool people. I stay in Phoenix in the winter, visit California in the winter.  But, as far as skateboarding as a career, obviously it’s a fucking struggle in the midwest, and like, everything is in California and that’s why I go out west as often as I do.  I’m actually in an airport right now, on my way back from Tampa.

How’d you do?
I fucking blew it.  Um, I got like seventieth place or something like that.  I didn’t do too well, but I didn’t really think I would do too well because, like everyone’s insane, and like, that contest is so crazy.  But, I mean, I had a really good time, hung out with a bunch of old friends.

Is it just the nerves that get to you, or what?
Well, I’ve been skating contests a lot, since I was younger.  I’ve been to the Tampa Am a few times, and, I am, like, a little nervous, but, for me, it’s mainly that I’m not comfortable dropping in with thirty other guys.  You’re always following someone down the ramp, or down a rail.

How’s it feel being spanked by a ten year old?
You mean Nyjah?  It’s ridiculous to watch that kid.  When I was that Kid’s age I was probably still doing slappy noseslides.

Hold on one second.  My girlfriend wants to ask you a question.
Michelle:  At contests, are you more or less nervous than you were during your first gay experience?
Well, I’m not a gay.  I’ll fucking kill you though.

Whoa, kill me?  Why would you say that?
Why would she say that?  What is she talking about?

Michelle: I like skater boys.  Your voice sounds cute.  I was wondering if you and Rory would want to power team me.  I don’t know why you’d get so mad.  It’s not gay unless your dicks touch.
Well, I’m not gay, but I’ve got friends who are and they wouldn’t like you talking shit.

Relax dude, she’s just pushing your buttons. (Michelle leaves room)
Alright, well I’m kinda over this whole thing. What’s you’re girlfriends name?Michelle.  She really wanted me to fuck with you.
Is she hot?

Yeah dude, she’s got big ‘ol titties.  Just name your sponsors.
I ride for Scarecrow Skateboards, Sessions Clothing, Accel wheels, Independent trucks, Emerica shoees and Rise Skateboards shop.

Photos by Bart Jones
Interview by Rory Parker and his girlfriend Michelle

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