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Clint Peterson
It’s been so long since i’ve gotten a chance interview anyone who can respond to my lame questions with wit and candor. I’ve been interviewing mind numb Ams for so long that I have come to expect that they have absolutely nothing interesting to say at all. Do you know how hard it is to coax something worth reading out of a dude who answers questions like they had just been released from grips of a 10-month coma?  Often I could get a more interesting interview from Terri Shivo before she had her feeding tube pulled.  Oh, how the tables turned on me during this little exchange with Stereo Pro Clint Peterson.  Clint Peterson was able to lead me around the words on this page like I was his little bitch on the end of a long leather leash.  Quite refreshing, though I felt as if I was the one shrugging off a coma.  I caught up with Clint Peterson while he was waiting to board a plane headed to LA from Tampa and ran my drill with him but got bitch slapped back to reality.  

Clint Peterson: You’ve got me on speakerphone?
You can tell? 
Clint Peterson: I can always tell.
You’re not scared of the speakerphone, are you?
Clint Peterson: No, I am a huge fan. I’d like to throw you on speakerphone if you get unruly.Put me on speakerphone while you are in the airport lounge and we can say naughty words to each other.  What’s up with that gay nickname of yours?  Slice? What’s that?
Clint Peterson:  That was a long time ago and I had to cut some fool up.  I’d rather leave this out.Why?
Clint Peterson:  
I’d rather leave that a mystery.  People will have to figure it out.You’ve got a really deep, resonant speaking voice.  Have you ever thought about going into radio or sports announcing?
Clint Peterson: 
No I could just sing opera.  My friend’s mom tried to get me to sing opera.  But yeah, it’s something to fall back on.

Clint Peterson Gap To Crooks. Photo: Sean Peterson.

I’m really curious about your health problem.  Why don’t we talk about that?
Clint Peterson: 
Well, it’s not really a problem.  I haven’t had to use any medicine for quite a while.

Really, why?
Clint Peterson: 
Because I have recently mastered skateboarding so I don’t fall anymore, the medicine is used to heal me quicker when I fall really hard. Now that I have eliminated that it’s all good.

What’s the condition?
Clint Peterson: 
Do we really have to be serious?

Well people are going to want to read about it.
Clint Peterson: 
Yeah but the last two interviews have talked about it.

Shit really.  I don’t read other magazines so I have no idea what you told anyone else. I am talking to you now and I want to know.  What’s your family life like?
Clint Peterson: 
I love my family.  I am at the airport right now and the hottest girl with the nicest huge butt is eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.  I am staring at her right now.

What’s her ice cream eating style?  Is she like going to town on it or is she kinda of teasing it?
Clint Peterson: 
She is very seductive with it.  It is doing it for me.  Yeah, it’s doing it for me.  I love girls who can eat ice cream like that.

That’s a perfect segue.  I heard that you like to have sex with chicks right after other pros have had them? Is that true?
Clint Peterson: 
Oh God, who’d you talk to about that?

Clint Peterson

Clint Peterson not only breaks major hearts he also makes Art! Wood Cut Crown.

I can’t tell you my sources, are you kidding?
God damn it! Yeah, it just so happens I did, though I wasn’t aware of at the time.  The next day I showed up and everyone laughed at me.

Who was the other pro that got you “sloppy seconds” from?
I can’t disclose that information.  He might kill me if I drag him into this.

So was it someone you would be more embarrassed following, right?   I mean it might be less embarrassing if it were someone of a greater status than you, like if it were Tony Hawk or something.
I don’t think it would be cool if it were anyone, because you don’t want to go there after anyone else has been there.  But it was in a foreign country so we don’t have to see her anymore, thank God, unless I go back, which I probably will this year.

So when you go back there you’ll hook up with here again?
No, she’s blacklisted.

She’s Black?
No, she’s blacklisted.  She won’t get to hook up with me again. She won’t have a problem because there’s going to be another skateboard contest and she’ll scrape up another poor guy like me.

Clint Peterson Ollie. Photo: Shad Lambert.

Let’s get back to your family life.  Are you close with your family?
Yeah, I’ve got a great mom.  We have a great time together.  My dad is no longer with us.  He passed away when I was 15.

That must have been rough, were you tight with him?
Yeah I was, I lived with my mom.  My mom and dad were divorced at the time but we were super close.  That shit happens so… we’re all still kicking.

Was he pretty supportive of your skateboarding?
Yeah totally.  He drove me to the park all the time.  He was your typical cheapskate dad; he didn’t want to buy me any skateboards or shoes or anything but he taught me that I had to have a job and support myself if I wanted to pursue this dream of mine.  So it was rad he built some character in me in doing that which I didn’t realize at the time.  I thought he was just being a dick but he was a great guy.

How did he die?
Motorcycle accident.

Do you believe in life after death?
I don’t know.  I don’t really have a stance on it.  I am just waiting for it to happen.  I don’t know, people act like they know but I don’t think anyone has any idea.  It’d be great.  I don’t want life to end.  I am having too much fun.

From what I know about you it seems that you are quite a horn dog.  Pretty much everyone I’ve talked who’s traveled with you says that you are able to hook up with chicks everywhere.  You could be in a total random place and you’ll likely know a girl there that you can get busy with.
I don’t know if that is good or bad.  For me it’s good.  But to have everyone know, that I don’t know if that is good.  You know women just constantly throw themselves at me.  I’ve had to get a turn style put inside my bedroom.  I don’t think that I deserve that title, I just don’t like to hangout with dudes all the time.

Why don’t you tell us about Soccer Ball pussy.
Oh shit, well, I had like an hour to kill in Portland and I called up this chick that I had hooked up with the last time I was there.  I was like, “ I want to be honest with you, I’ve got like an hour here.  What you say I just come over and show you a good time?”.  She concurred.  I went over and had a quick passionate love making session.  It was rad, but she did have a soccer ball sized vagina. They all come in different sizes.

Are you hiding anything?
No, I’m an upfront kind of guy.  I don’t like to hide things.  It doesn’t feel good.

When don’t you feel sexy?
I don’t think that I have ever not felt sexy.

What is your worst experience with a sponsor?
Having to quit Consolidated was pretty hard. There were a lot of really good people at Consolidated but I had opportunities.  I was happy to have my time with them and now I am on Stereo and it’s awesome.

There were too many Petersons riding on Consolidated, you had to go.
Yeah, I could never beat out AP. Although he’s recently retired, the headline Peterson could never be me so I had to go.  I just couldn’t deal with that. Nah I’m kidding, I don’t care about that. Allen is one of the best skaters on the planet.

Do you think George Bush doesn’t care about Black people?
I think that he doesn’t care about any one that votes against him.  A lot of black people vote democratic.  He doesn’t care about poor people in general.  I don’t know what we are going to do this next election because they’ve got it rigged.  The people who made the electronic voting booths are major contributors to the Republican Party.

What are you going to do about that?
I’m going to get all my friends to vote.

But you say it’s rigged.
I suppose that I’d move to the jungle and be over it.

Ah, fuck it.  I’m not going to let this interview get all political and radical right now. Forget about it.  I’m not going to do it.  Who do you think that is pro now is least deserving of it?
Oh God.  I don’t know if I can do this one.

Do you think that there are a lot of pros getting money who don’t deserve it?
Yeah totally.  Austin Seaholm, is that his name?  He’s not pro.  He doesn’t deserve to bully anyone at the contest.

Was he doing that at the Tampa Am?
Yeah, he was, he was.  Have you seen the kid skate? It’s like a tent show.  He’s waiting for months to fucking snake you.  It’s horrible.  It’s everything that sucks about skateboarding.

What else sucks about skateboarding?
Training to compete against others, corporations nudging out the little guy, mall stores, stair counters, haters, cool guys, bro-bras at the tradeshow, anyone who uses the word, “Hella”, ESPN, and X-Games announcers.

Clint Peterson Wood Cut Self Portriat


What do you think of “handlers” in skateboarding?  By handlers I mean a team manager or company owner that goes so far as to direct everything an Am does with his career, right down to the way they dress.  Do you have anyone handling your image?
Hell no!  Where I’m at now is because I am myself.  I think that I have always stayed true to who I am and gotten as far as I have. You can’t let someone else run your life.

What are you going to do after skateboarding?
I’ve got tons of things going.  I’ve been Chip and Dales dancing for sometime, that could pan out. Also Lawn gardening, I polish old furniture.  Actually, I am going to move to Spain in the countryside, this is serious, and have some goats, calculate a new recipe for cheese and then have a clay studio on the side.  I am totally serious about this.  It is my dream.  I’ll settle down when that happens, I’ll probably get into wine also.

Go ahead and name your sponsors.
Stereo Skateboards, We Clothing, Osiris Shoes, Independent Trucks, Autobahn Wheels.  I’ve been doing a lot of screen printing lately so look out for that.  My brother has a website that he is launching called, he’s a very talented musician coming out of Minnesota.



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