Danny Wallace

Danny Wallace

Danny Wallace Interview. Words and Photos By Blair Alley

Danny Wallace Interview. Words and Photos By Blair Alley

“I’ll just go and watch Danny Wallace skate.” You know someone is good when people take time out of their day to just watch a person skate. Such is Danny Wallace. Always a good attitude, always on point when skating, he’s got a banger for any spot—and somewhere along the way from being a little-kid loc at Serra High to the world-traveling skate ambassador he is now, he became a one-punch-knockout beast. I’ve seen him swing on huge jocks twice his size, knock dudes out with one punch, and he even once tried to run over a gangster that was talking shit to us at a spot in his explorer. A true champ in his crew. And it should be noted three of the four tricks in this interview were shot in one day. Yes, Danny Wallace has been one of San Diego’s finest since he was a squirt, he’s been flowed by the best companies in the biz, and he’s still ripping with the same clean, effortless pop that makes people take notice every time he skates. Let’s keep this intro short, because, like his skating, Danny Wallace’s actions speak louder than his words.



Why do you always get robbed at the Battle of the Shops Tech Center? (Second place, three years in a row)
It’s the Battle Of The Shops, it doesn’t matter. It’s fun. Individual things don’t matter, it’s about the team. And we (Pacific Drive) try to hold it down in all four categories.

Did you guys throw a party the year that you won?
We went to the Green Flash (the bar across the street from the shop), had a tab there.

What did you do this year for getting second place?
We had a keg in an alley. Then we moved it to this dude’s backyard that wasn’t home and all the lights were off.

Danny Wallace what is something that a real skate shop like Pacific Drive offers that a mall shop can’t?
First, at a normal shop, you’re going to have a skateboarder helping you. At a mall shop it’s going to be Tracy or Sara or Brock, you know, helping you out with their bullshit gear – basically trying to make commission off you instead of sell you a good skateboard.

What about being able to bang chicks in the shoe room?
You’ll never be able to bone no one in the mall shop. That won’t go down. Company policy at our shop (Pacific Drive) is you have to bang-a-broad in the shoe room—if you wanna be a Dirty Loc.

What’s the sketchiest scenario you’ve seen at the beach?
It would have to be the Sk8mafia party above the shop at the PD demo in the beach cottages—destroying the room. Good times!

Why do so many people move to San Diego, talk shit about it, yet stay here?
I really don’t care that people talk shit about San Diego. Those people do it because they think it’s cool. In reality people leave their oh-so-wonderful home, come to San Diego, and they stay here. No one in San Diego, as far as the skate scene goes, talks shit about any other city. You’ll see that the kids in San Diego are going to be the future.

Who’s got a future right now?
Shuriken Shannon is going to blow your mind if he hasn’t already. Ben Skrzypek, our esteemed brother from Portland, Maine. Charlie Castelluzzo is always an amazing skateboarder. Jeff Boye is the man of the house. Kellen James, my boy. Paul Sewell holds it down. There are a bunch more youngsters too, but this shoutout is for my crew!

How old were you when you first got sponsored?
9Th grade. I got flowed think boards and venture trucks. Alphanumeric was flowing me gear as well.

By the time this comes out, the blank Board controversy will be in full stride. What’s your take on it?
A lot of kids can’t afford to buy boards, they buy the used boards from the shop. But hopefully parents continue to get their kids boards. I know I was lucky enough to have parents that bought me boards when I was a youngster.

Could a kid get a used board from a mall shop?
No, they don’t have used boards at the mall shops because you can’t skate in front of the shops at the mall.

Who’s the last kook that you knocked out?
That one fool, in PB.

Why’d you sock him?
Because his dog bit me.

What did you do when the dog bit you.
Threw beer on it.

Now that Guy Mariano is back, who do you want to see come back next?
Brian Emmers.

Who’s part in the Lakai video are you looking forward to?
Jesus Fernandez… Carroll… Pops… Cairo… Guy… Koston… Welsh… Biebel… S.J… Howard…

What’s the best Ghostface album?
I’m gonna have to say Ghost’s verses on only built for Cuban links, but they’re all timeless. Actually, Bulletproof Wallets wasn’t too bulletproof.




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