Goofy VS Regular

Goofy VS Regular

Goofy VS Regular Words By Rory Parker

The Etnies Goofy VS Regular contest at the Lake Forest Skatepark was an excellent example of a poor idea being perfectly executed.  I mean, who really cares if regular footed skaters are really better than goofy?  Not me.  Whatever though, it was just a gimmick to make it stand out from other contests.

The skating though, fuck, it’s amazing the level today’s pros are at.  Tricks that would have gotten a cover if performed on a curb ten years ago are being thrown at chest high hubbas, switch.  Never before has skating seen a period where the limits of what’s thought to be possible are being pushed so far, so consistently.   I thought I saw Ragdoll puking in the bathroom before his runs.  Chris Cole dominated, hucking kickflip 360′s down the eleven stair like they were nothing, and Dennis Busenitz, while not landing as many tricks as others, managed to skate ten miles an hour faster than anyone else there.  He was, hands down my favorite to watch.  The dude was seriously flying at mach fucking twenty the entire time.  And that little freak Nyjah Huston, how can a ten year old boy be just as good as dudes who have been pro since before he could walk?  Also, even though I love to hate on Corey Duffel I have to say his skating is unbelievable.  He could easily ollie over Nyjah’s head. Oh, and I saw a girl front smith a healthy sized rail.  Her name is Amy Carron, and I think she’s cute as a button.

The Goofy VS Regular was a well run, great time for everyone.  And, even though I got yelled at on Sunday I had a great time too.  I just have one problem with the whole affair, it was sponsored by Freshpark and Tilly’s.  I know that without companies like them it wouldn’t be possible to come up with over fifty grand in prize money, and I totally think the riders deserve to get paid, but come on.   Shit, you could get rich sucking dog penis on the internet too, but would you want too?

Goofy VS Regular

Chris Cole 360 Down the Lake Forrest 11 Goofy VS Regular


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