Looking Down On Greg Millions

Words and Photos by Tadashi

Words and Photos by Tadashi

Does it surprise you that the editor isn’t too excited about doing a 2-page spread on you?

Yeah it’s a little disturbing when the person that runs the magazine doesn’t want to put it in. I guess that’s more motivation for me to go get out of bed and skate harder.

Why do you think the mag should focus on another person that nobody has ever heard of?

Without new faces, skateboarding would be boring. The skateboard world would be stuck in the same place forever with the same tricks and it would become repetitive.

What happen last year when Rory called you for an interview? 

He told me he had a bunch of photos that Dan Zaslavsky had shot. They were psyched on them but he didn’t want interview me because he said it would be boring. He told me to write my own interview. So being someone who doesn’t know how to write an interview I just blocked it out of my memory and didn’t think about it again.

A Bird's Eye View of A Greg Millions Feeble Grind

A Bird’s Eye View of A Greg Millions Feeble Grind

Was that it?

Then about a month later he called me and asked if I had written it or thought about it at all and honestly I hadn’t.

I’ve heard a number of people talk shit about you. Do you think you rub people the wrong way?

I guess so, I’m pretty opinionated and I’m kind of a jerk. I really don’t try to be a jerk. I just know that people don’t like me. I think it’s because in the East Bay scene is so competitive. People don’t want me at their spots and they don’t want me bringing my friends to their spots. I’ve had my fair share of episodes with people in the East Bay. It’s not that big of a scene so if someone doesn’t like you then all of their friends are not gonna like you.

What’s up with your old man hands?

It’s rather strange actually I don’t know what’s going on with them. My teachers in high school use to call me Old Man Hands and it was really embarrassing. It’s a genetic thing. My dad has them and his dad has them. I was born with wrinkley dry hands. My feet are normal.

What happened on McArthur Blvd?

It was a bunch of stupid drama between me and old buddies I use to skate with. Something I said was taken completely out of context and repeated to the other person and it set off a chain of events where all these East Oakland kids were real pissed off at me. A bunch of them jumped me when I was skating with Abdidas, Brian Delatorri, my little brother, and Dan Zaslavsky. I told all the kids that I didn’t want to fight, and this kid swung on me and we ended up squabbling and rolling around in the middle of the road all 4 lanes of traffic had to stop. Cars were swerving around us and people were screaming at us. After that I got a threatening phone call saying they were gonna come to San Ramon and find me.

What did you say?

I was drunk and completely belligerent and talking out my ass. And I told my friend that one of his friends was gonna come up missing. I was completely joking and really drunk. And of course kids from Oakland aren’t gonna take it as a joke and they’re not going to take it kindly to someone talking about their friend like that. I don’t blame them for what they did.

Any other people hating on you?

I’m sure there is. You never know, somebody is probably looking at one of my photos right now and calling it a bail.

Frontside Nosegrind

Frontside Nosegrind

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Thanks to all my sponsors, City, Venture, Hubba, FKD  bearings, Scifen clothing and Metro boardshop. And thanks to Ears (Justin Williams) for letting me sleep on his couch for a year, Jeremy Reeves and Tony Vitello.

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  1. Eat shit, next time you decide to ride a skateboard. Break your knee… End your career. Go become a salesman dudy…

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