Traveling and exploring foreign lands is one of the greatest experiences a skateboarder can have.  But what’s also amazing, is the many foreign women that you meet along the way. It really doesn’t matter whether you’re in China, Russia, Canada, Spain, or Latvia, if you play your cards right, then making that new “acquaintance” is always a possibility. Wherever your travels take you, there will always be women looking to share, mmm how should I say, a “cultural exchange” with you.  I’ve learned that if you try too hard to meet girls in foreign lands you’ll end up getting shut down every time.  The truth is, there is a very fine line to be negotiated when picking up foreign women. I’m no coach or guru, just a skater who has been on some skate trips. So instead of giving you advice, I’ll share some situations I’ve experienced in my travels.  I’m not bragging, just sharing the facts, along with some damn good skateboarding.

Latvia is a country that was recently released from Russian occupation. Many of the people there speak either Latvian or Russian, which makes it difficult to converse with anyone. One night while in a town called Riga, a bunch of us went to a club that had an 80’s night. While drinking and feeling out the scene, we noticed a couple of birds stroll right in. The ladies could tell that we were out of towners and took an immediate interest in us. Quim Cardona lured one in, and I went after the other.  Soon we were on the dance floor, fighting through a terrible mix of 80’s songs.  Before long, Quim dipped to his girls place and I went back to the rental car with my new found and soon to be short lived Latvian fancy. We didn’t even make it out of the parking lot of the club that night.  Coming home, I got getting lost for 2 hours.  It was a total nightmare, but when it came down to it, my lady encounter made it worth it.  Karma found this strange metal U-pipe tranny in a barnyard.  It had a sharp metal edge that could have sheared you to the bone.  Without fear, he busted flawless pivot to fakies.

In Helsinki, it’s incredibly easy to meet beautiful women.  A Tuesday night dance party in some weird neo gothic/techno club was all our crew needed to hook up with a set of beautiful Finish women. On the way out of the club I noticed a tall skinny blonde who was gorgeous. I asked her where the after party was and she replied, “my house.’ After a train ride and a 15 min walk in the freezing cold, we finally got to her small apartment.  She woke me at 6am telling me that her ex-boyfriend was climbing the building trying to look into her windows. I rolled over and went back to sleep.  When I awoke I took the train back to the contest where Mark Appleyard became five grand richer.  In the process, he took everyone out with this BS kickflip into the tranny. Before we left the next day, Quim had me shoot this ollie over the gap and double bar.
Quim Cardona

This place was so fun, even though the sun wanted badly to eat me alive.  I got full sun poisoning or heat stroke and was pretty much taken out of commission for the entire trip. Luckily I had enough strength to get this Nollie flip sequence of Pat Duffy. It was spring break while we were in Grand Cayman, so there was an abundance of beer jock frat boys. Instead of sweating the C-blocking situation, I just chilled and stored up my Mojo for the upcoming trip to China.
Pat Duffy

While trying to recover from a nasty case of food poisoning I went out to Santo Domingo anyway.  Lucky for my uneasy stomach, and me we came upon a pack of young, hungry Dominican women. They happened to be partaking in some sort of single’s club round up.  There was a pack of women who were eager to meet single me. Being that we looked completely different than anyone else in sight, we quickly became top picks for each female club member.  It was almost like shopping at the grocery store; each lady was handpicked, prepared and down to be cooked. My Spanish at this point was shit, so I relied on communicating with hand gestures for the night. Todd Jordan used no sign language when executing this hubba 5-0 in Santo Domingo.
Todd Jordan

European contest coordinators usually host giant parties, where bands almost always play. These bands normally suck and this night was no exception.  If you’ve ever heard Dutch spoken, then you know the language sounds crazy, so when a bunch of bands sing in it, you pretty much want to kill yourself. The only saving grace to enduring these bands were the nice women they attracted. On this night I took the easy approach and went after a girl I heard speaking English. We chatted for a bit and then headed over to her friends house for more drinks. Soon the three of us fell asleep.  Before too long I was happily awoken by a girl I had taken a liking to. I will leave out the details of the rest of the evening, but I’ll tell you this, that night will never be forgotten.  In the morning I arrived just in time shoot some photos.  The first spot we went to was this giant roll-in looking bank launch ramp thing where Danny Cerezini kickflipped into it, no problem.
Dead horse

I have been to Barcelona several times now and I always wind up meeting tons of girls there. Last Christmas Eve, me and the crew had just finished skating this spot where Adam Alfaro kickflipped a slide to bank (1.). We ate dinner and then decided to head to our usual midnight watering hole. Just when we started to get bored, the door opened with a startling gust of winter wind, along with a handful of hot ladies. I returned smiles and went on talking to my crew about this ledge that Justin Strubing had 50-50ed a few days earlier (2.). After enough skate talk I went on to wish the recently arrived girls a Merry Christmas. The ice was broken and soon we headed to a club. After an hour or so at the club, I was pulled aside and given a very special Christmas gift. We then headed back to her crib to fully take part in the Christmas spirit.  It was the best Christmas present I have ever received. Come to think of it, it was even more special than witnessing Mark Appleyard front blunt these enormous banks (3.) or Jon Newport back smith this up ledge (4.).
Adam Alfaro
Justin Strubing
Mark Appleyard
Jon Newport
It was late at night when we left a club in Shenzhen. My wingman and I wanted to cruise the brothels and bars in the area, for curiosities sake. As we walked past, all the ladies inside came pouring out the front door, attempting to lure us in.  We kept on walking. After making the rounds, we noticed that these places actually had really beautiful girls who weren’t prostitutes. We went to a bar where I locked eyes with a beautiful girl who was also the bartender.  She told us that she had friends visiting and she let them stay at her apartment so she needed a place to stay. We offered to let them stay in our hotel rooms with us and they accepted. When we arrived, I exited the bathroom to find a girl in my bed with a mischievous look on her face. Corey Duffel Frontside Nose Grind (1.), and Dyson Ramones Backside 180 Nose Grind (2.)
Corey Duffel
Dyson Ramones
While attending the West 49 contest in Toronto, I was able to steal Peterson and Bartie away for a skatepark session where Bartie ollied up to smith (1.). Afterwards we were shown a rail where Mike Peterson got the goods with a backlip (2.). Later that night, some of the crew and I planned to go out to dinner, followed by a contest after party. We ended up finishing dinner a little early and had an hour to kill. Our tour guide said he knew a great place that ended up being a strip club. I was just feeling out the vibe when I noticed this girl who didn’t look like a stripper, but I knew she worked there. She came right over to me. After an unbelievable lap dance she decided that finishing work early for the night seemed like a good idea.  I thought so too and we were off to her place.  I made it back to our hotel in the morning to find everyone in the parking lot loading their baggage into an airport shuttle. There was a round of applause on my arrival and a smile on my face that lasted all the back to California.
Mike Peterson

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