Nate Sherwood

Nate Sherwood
Nate Sherwood
When Nate Sherwood first started to come around to ask for his interview I tried to put him off.  I would soon learn that Nate Sherwood will not be put off. He will wear you down until your mind is numb and you will give in.  I gave in and Nate got his interview.  I am glad I gave in because I found out that there is way more to him than meets the eye.  For one, I bet you never took Nate for a porn star, well it turns out he is.  Shocking right?  I am about to call him and find out about it.  [The majority of this interview was done by Anthony Donez, the porn part was done by me, your editor].

So what is up this company Jacked? How did that happen? Did you just wear them down until you got on?
Well it is the annoying stepchild of Birdhouse. Me being the annoying stepchild of skateboarding it fits me well.  Willy Santos and Jeremy Klein wanted to get me a deal with one of the company’s under the Blitz Family banner. They thought Jacked was perfect for me. Due to the fact that I really do not play well with others and I hate smokers, so me being the team was a great idea.  My goal is to steal Billy Rohan and put him on the team.

Why Jacked Nate Sherwood? Do you consider yourself Jacked?
I am deaf in one ear I have a crooked nose, I am kind of hyper, weird and annoying so that is pretty jacked.  I have a bowl hair cut.  No matter how I cut my hair it always grows back into a bowl style.  I always look like Kenny Hoyle, Kenny is pretty Jacked too, I would like to get that guy on the team.  That dude is the most underrated skater.  He is only like 17 and the dude is unbelievable.  His balance and control is like at Dewon level.  He is amazing.

So I E-mailed Ed Templeton about you and he said that he has seen the porno that you did.
Yeah he got a copy from Scott Pommier. He is a big fan of that.

How did that happen, I mean Nate Sherwood, dude. You are the last person anyone would ever expect to see in porn.  How did that happen?
It was just a series of bad decisions.  It pretty much ruined my life.  I don’t recommend it to anybody.

How did it ruin your life?
At the time I thought it was awesome but now every time I meet a girl and she googles searches me she just thinks that I am the biggest perve ever, they’re like “Oh my God, I read this on the internet, fuck you, get away from me.”

I am going to type you into this internet thing right now… Let’s see NATE SHERWOOD.  Nope it is all skateboarding crap, no porno.
That’s good man.

I think you are tripping.
At the Skate Park Of Tampa website they had a clip of it up there. It was censored but it was gnarly.

So how did Nate Sherwood happen to make a porno?
I was in Portland and I was dating this crazy Canadian girl who was in film school and she swung both ways and she really just wanted to make this video.  Just like you said, I am Nate Sherwood, I am just like this modest little dorky dude. I just like “sure”.  I didn’t know she was going to make a copy of it.   I just thought that it was going to be this personal thing between me and her. It was these two girls, Caprice and Laura. At the time I thought that it was pretty cool but then all this adversity came out after.

Like what?
She thought that it would be funny to send a few copies to some friends in the industry.  They blew it up all over the place.

I heard that you put your sex footage into your sponsor me tapes.
That was later on after it came out.  At that point I was like, “Fuck it, everyone knows, who cares?”.

Are you sure that you didn’t get spinal meningitis from those girls?
That is funny that you say that because I thought maybe but no it was way earlier.

So it wasn’t really a “porno” that was sold then, it was just like the “Nate Sherwood Sex Tape”.  It is funny how things get blown out of proportion because the common assumption was you were in a porno but she was just documenting your sex.  The last person you expect that to happen to is Nate Sherwood, right?  So I think that this is good for your image.
Thanks man I appreciate it.

So Nate Sherwood why do you think that it ruined your life?
Well I had this crush on this amazing female skateboarder.

What was her name?
Oh God, Okay I will just drop her name. Jesse van Roechoudt.  I had a huge crush on her for like a million years and I saw her at Slam City Jam one year and she was acting all weird to me and this girl Jaime was like, “She thinks your weird because of that one video that you made.

Ah who cares, if she is too up tight about that than Nate Sherwood doesn’t want to be with her anyway right?
Good point.

You are way too worried about IT.  You should be stoked people think you a lady’s man now.  You know what Ed Tempelton WROTE ME ABOUT IT?
No. What?

Ed wrote: “It ‘s (THE MOVIE) Nate Sherwood with a BUNCH of different girls. He is well hung and lasts FOREVER, and shoots pretty decent loads!  I told him he should quit skating and become a porn star.  This is not some tripod shit, there are other girls filming it! The whole Nine. Head, fucking, eating out, it’s all in there and some of the girls are pretty cute.  I saw it at Mark Appleyard’s house. Nate Sherwood was not shy about it at all, he sent it to those guys.  Overall it is pretty crazy, I had no idea he was such a lady’s man.”
That should be the whole interview.  I was a lady’s man then but now I am a looser.

Nate Sherwood

Nate Sherwood OLLIE Photo: Humphries

What’s up with all the pressure flips? I understand that the kids down at the skateparks think that you can’t do a kickflip?
That is a really funny rumor.  I wish it were true, just like they said that Bruce Lee couldn’t box.  I am trying to invent my own shit.  I can do all the kickflip tricks, I started doing pressure flips because if everyone was doing pressure flips I would be doing kickflips. I just was sick of everyone being carbon copies of each other. You like Marc Johnson, you like Mike Carroll, I was so sick of that, I love those guys, they are my heros but I didn’t want to be a follower.

Where will you be 5 years from now Nate Sherwood?
I hope for the best but expect the worse.

Why did you leave Portland? 
I love the city but the most of the humans are harsh in Portland.  They are basically a bunch of sheep up there and like about 10 percent are real heads doing real jazz with their planks.  Not to say there is not dope creSKATEtiviety up there it is just much less than the community in Southern California.  It is like what south France was in the late 1800’s to Painters. The hub of all the ganre’s melting in a pool of amazing work. Or what Florence Italy was in the 1500’s to Artists.

Why are you sporting a elbow pad on your left arm on the photos of the 50-50 over  the drop and the ollie over rail  to drop?
Well ya the 50-50 and the Ollie were shot the same day and I just had surgery on my elbow they removed a calcium deposit from it so I was in fear of slamming on the stitches and opening my elbow like a hot Samoan. So ya it looks gay but hey I had to skate it is my job.  I can’t risk infection of any kind. Plus would you flake out on Humpries?

Nate Sherwood

Nate Sherwood 50-50. Photo: Humphries

What is the Odd Fellow Crew?
Great Mind’s who represent originality in its purest form.  It is basically a secret society of skaters.

You are into reading, what is your favorite book?
The Art Of War by Sun Tzu. It is a must for any underground skateboarder trying to make it. “If one waits on the shore banks long enough they will see the body’s of there enemy’s float by.”  If you have been skateboarding for any length of time and persevered, through the adversity, and strife I recommend this book.

What is a day like for Nate Sherwood?
I wake up at 9 AM to the sound of a phone ringing it is likely a bill collector most of the time or Willy wanting to drag me to some lame park with full pad rules.  Then I go eat a bunch of bread.  Fuck that low carb shit.  Call up Greg Hunt up and see if he can skip work to film. If he is not around go down the list of 3 chippers and photo humans.  I’ll call up Ty Evens and leave a dope freestyle, on his voice mail.  If he is there shoot up to L.A and film, if not then I prank Blue or Kenny.  If nobody wants to film or shoot pics I end up job hunting.  I’ll drive around to different skate companies dropping off applications.  I wind up getting attitude from wack-black-haired-tatted-fat-chicks acting like they are God or something due to the fact they work as receptionists at a skateboard company. Fuck them.  Fuck them for clowning on my handwriting.  I’ll come home and draw or paint for hours. Next I will call up Willy and a posse and skate some fun spot.  Some days I go to The Skateboard Mag office an bug Grant and Dave about hooking me up with free prints of photo’s they have shot of me in the past. Ride my bike around and say, “Hi” to humans. Some nights I go out with Gretchen and Meagan and Erick and the Donez bro.’s we all pile in my Saturn like a clown car and we go to the elk lodge and hang with the old humans and listen to Nam an Koran war story’s and we play checkers and domino’s for days. Good stuff. Real good times.

Shout outs?
Ok Mom, Dad, God and Goddess’s, Willy for giving me love when nobody else did. And giving me a plank out of the shop. Jacked and the whole Blitz staff. Ty and the Girl Crail Tap staff for helping me out with video covey. Greg Hunt for being down with me.  Jon Holland super dope an funny cat, Seu you are my boy pure insanity with tea cups and a camera and the Donez bros ANTHONY AND CHRIS for shooting pics up in here. Jon Humpries for shooting, Erick Stricker for being my dowg an a true friend through the bad an good, and helping me out when a bro is kicked down on the ground. All the 3 chipers, Matt and Jon Hasse Adam Soliven  Nick yeah the whole  Mera Mesa crew.  Tonto for the lifts everywhere when I had no car and being my best friend. R.I.P. to my dawg Spencer Sherwood  I miss you bro. Shillina piccionie Merrritt , Joeanna – all the lady’s who wear scrubs to work.  Last but not least the Odd Fellows crew.


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