Ryan Harris Has A First Class Ghetto Pass

Ryan Harris

Ryan Harris Interview Words and Photos by Tadashi

Ryan Harris Interview Words and Photos by Tadashi

Ryan Harris has gone through some huge changes as of late. Ryan doesn’t hang with coke dealers and witness people getting shot, he doesn’t sleep in a car in the streets of Oakland, and is able to bathe regularly now. Today he lives in the suburbs of Oregon in a nice one-bedroom apartment with his girlfriend but that wasn’t the case a short time ago, read on.

How old are you now and when did you move to Oregon?

18, on my 16th birthday, it was a shitty present.

So when you moved you kept visiting the bay, where did Ryan Harris lurk the hardest?  

Oakland, I would go to my aunt’s house in Pleasanton like 15 miles away some days, or anywhere in the East Bay but I stayed in Oakland for the most part.

Weren’t you living in a car in ghetto streets of Oakland?

Not really, I didn’t live in a car but I slept there like a few nights a week.

You must of gotten pretty stanky. What happened when you needed to poop and shower? 

I would shit at a friend’s house, in a restaurant, or wherever I could. I’d take a trip to my aunt’s house for a shower.

Did you ever just have to buy some white tees and underwear from the liquor store?

Yeah pulled that one a few times but I’d usually just rock like two week old boxers.

Ryan Harris

Ryan Harris Nollie Half-Cab Heel To Fakie Nose Grind

What kind of ladies could 17-year-old white boys pull in Oakland?

Not much, not ghetto ones at least, just girls from neighboring cities.

Parts of Martin Luther King Blvd. in Oakland ARE notorious for drug and gang activity. When you were staying on that street did you see any shit go down? 

Yeah man I was staying on 31st and MLK, just about every day I woke up to something.  Fools doing donuts in the intersection in front of the store, one time someone crashed into a highway patrol car, then one time someone started shooting at a crowd then some dude pulled out an AR-15 and started shooting it at the dude and sprayed this house up, shit was mainy.

Mainy eh? Tell me about the time the crack dealer shook you and Walker Ryan down for money at the step up ledge on Peralta.  

Well the spot is like a bum hangout and it was getting dark and all the bums left right, and then like 5 minutes later this dude shows up with someone driving and starts hassling us about we took something or something was gone, saying he ran the park we were at and he has some “products” missing and we owed him 20 dollars he started asking the photographer Nagahara if he was our manager and trying to “negotiate” a deal so then he says pretty much something bad is gonna happen. He didn’t get 20 bucks so me and Walker put 10 on it and saved our asses.

With all this crazy shit happening around you did you ever question yourself and say what the fuck am I thinking voluntarily being in this environment?  

I don’t know I was young and dumb, and down for a hell ride, thinkin it would pay off someday then I was just used to it, that was how I was doing it. I was high all the time just caught up in it and kind of intrigued by it. It was like a first class ghetto pass.

I heard you were getting threats of violence from your last board sponsor and that’s why you quit, is that true?  

That’s not why I quit, it was a bunch of reasons but they were just not thinking clearly.

Frontside Allie Oop Over The Hip

Frontside Allie Oop Over The Hip

Bad times aside you must have had some good times during your young lurking years, what was a good experience?

I was meeting hella people skating everyday. If I could do it again I would. It got me here, I’m doing fine, gave me A LOT of knowledge plus you don’t leave with this world with anything but your memories.

Does Ryan Harris  have any sponsors?  

Osiris shoes, 510 skateshop, but other than that I dont know, I was getting hubba and Indy flow but not for a while so its just Osiris really.

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