Tampa Am 2006

Tampa Am 2006

Tampa Am 2006

Tampa Am 2006 Words and Photos by Justin Keena

Tampa Am 2006. Everyone says they hate drama, and without a doubt if it involves you or the people close to you, it sucks, but don’t even try to deny that you love to see some serious drama action happen to other people!  Drama is probably the number one underrated guilty pleasure.  I’m not saying I don’t feel for the people involved, but damn, I’m just relieved that it didn’t happen to me.

Tampa Am really came through this year, not just with good skating, but also with crazy drama!  Now I’m not some tabloid obsessed gossip queen, but I’ll be upfront with you about one thing: without some good drama, most skating contests can go from high expectations to boring reality within a couple of hours.  It’s like a slam in the middle of someone’s run.  Of course you don’t want to see anyone get hurt, but you still love to tell everyone how gnarly it was.  Right?  Or like Nascar racing… Probably the most boring “sport” to watch, but you witness a few flaming tires thrown into the crowd and a car flip nine or ten times and it becomes a little more engaging, doesn’t it?

So TampaAm was scheduled to happen on the same exact weekend as Tampa’s own pirate oriented version of Mardi Gras.  I was wondering to myself if Tampa was trying to cash in on the absence of partying in New Orleans lately but I guess  “Gasparilla” (as it’s known) has been an annual occurrence for many years.  Either way, a skate contest during the day, some good drama to spice that up, and Mardi Gras, I mean, Gasparilla at night makes for one hell of a weekend!

Now, I know I’ve gotten you all worked up and you’re expecting to hear about the beads, booze, boobs, and drama of TampaAm 2006, but I’m not the kind of guy who spreads other people’s bad new (besides Migdol won’t let me write about the one gnarly piece of drama that went down).  Instead, I’ll give you a quick list of nouns that may or may not have occurred on the weekend of January 20 and you can let your imagination go wild to create a magic carpet ride of what Tampa was like this year.

Skateboards, hotdogs, fire extinguishers,  pirates, vomit, rock ‘n roll, 24 inch rims, hotel rooms, mud wrestling, fire alarms, discounted tattoos, girl fights, Chinese star throwing, foot fetishes, overcrowding, champagne, C-Lo, a dislocated ankle, a kid skateboarding dressed as a cow, respiratory arrest, Redbull, $20 bills, and a nollie big heel backlip fakie just because.  Now let the gears begin turning in your head and paint yourself a wonderful picture of Tampa Am 2006. It was THAT good.

By the way, these skaters killed it (according to me): Adam Dyet, Dave Batchinski, Cory McEntire, Willy Akers, Terell  Robinson, Wes Kramer, and Antoine Asselin. Now scroll down to look at the pretty pictures.

Post Moat Race Product Toss

Sierra Fellers, Nollie Flips the Gap to Lipslide.

Ryan Clements and Leo Romero

Cory McEntire, Switch Flip

Cory McEntire

Tommy Sandoval loves him some C-Lo


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