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Walker Ryan takes online dating dead seriously. He has spent countless hours honing his online seduction skills. He uses a shotgun approach on his 5 different online dating accounts.  For example, in his Match.com profile he plays hardball, photos of him with cute little puppies is flanked with a list of his net worth and the details of his extensive stock portfolio. Over on his Yahoo Personals, he utilizes the shy, nice guy approach. The photo sports him wearing a striped sweater hugging his mom. Words like “sensitivity” and “emotions” are peppered about liberally in his profile. He goes the whole bad boy image on his E-harmony account. On this account, Walker uses both his hands to flash devil horns. His tribal armband tattoo peaks out beneath his shirtsleeve. But alas, Walker is still single.  How can it be that this red headed, disease free, college freshman is still untaken? Below we have printed his Singles.net account profile and we have set him up with his very own Automaticmag.com email account and invite all interested to Email. Please send all correspondence to: hotwalker@automaticmag.com

Basically, I’m a creep.  When I’m into a girl, I don’t really go for her right away.  I like to give it some time you know, get to know that girl.  That basically involves a significant amount of MySpace stalking, following her around the mall or where ever she goes, and I’ll perform my normal lurk sessions outside her window for hours at a time.  I just like to know what I’m getting into, you know what I mean?  After the first stage I start with the phone calls.  After I hunt on the internet for all of her information and find her phone number, I’ll begin with the restricted hang up phone calls.  I’ll call the girl, thirty, sometimes forty times in a day, and hang up each time, just to see how she handles it. Sometimes I’ll talk with her, but in a different voice, you know, so she thinks it’s someone who is insane.  I do this to see how she does under high stress situations.  You know, I don’t wanna be dating someone who can’t handle a little fear.  After a couple months of that, I’ll find out where the girl works and proceed to show up at almost all hours of the day.  I won’t order anything or do much except stare.  Then I’ll hang outside the door when she gets off and figure out her daily routines.  I’ll work her schedule into mine, and make encounters frequent.  After a couple weeks of this, I’ll finally pull the move and ask her out.  It usually works.

I want a girl.  Period.  But if I had to be picky, she’d be 5’4 1/2’’, 113 lbs, proportioned body, half Latino and half African American, curly-ish hair to her mid-back, blue eyes, lower back tattoo with a baby dragon, 2 ear piercings on left ear and 1 on the right, nice teeth but slightly crooked on the lower set, size 7 in women’s shoe, small hands, a dancer who rips transition and boxes, and she’s gotta be down to ride.  But ya, like I said, any girl really.

Walker Ryan. Gap to Backside Noseblunt Slide

Walker Ryan. Gap to Backside Noseblunt Slide


Gender: Man desperately seeking a Woman


Location: San Franciscico bay area but will move anywhere girl wants me to.

Marital Status: Single – never married

Body Type: Athletic

Height: Tall enough

Eyes: Nice enough

Hair: Just cut

Ethnicity: I’ll tell you later

Sense of Humor: Dry / Sarcastic

Social Setting: Shy at first, but warm up quickly.

TV Watching: Curb Your Enthusiasm

Smoking: Not a big smoker but I’m down

Drinking: Sure

Living Situation: With roommate(s)

Have Kids: No

Want (more) kids: Maybe later

Education: Working on it

Employment Status: Ya….

Income: About that…..

Walker Ryan Switch Flip

Walker Ryan Switch Flip

I’m down for real people and making a good time out of any situation.  It’s important to stay active in life and to do what you love to do, and that’s what I’m going to try to do. Staying true to my friends and family is the best.  I’m not interested in fakes.  I care about the little things, like random ideas and issues, and staying hella critical on everything.  I’ll care about you if you show me the time, so holla.

My match? She’s gotta be funny.  Down to ride and have fun.  Sexy lil thang with rhythm and flow.  Someone who gives a shit with out giving a shit. Just make her a female. I’m flexible.

Location: Anywhere on this planet

Age: Any

Marital Status: Any

Body Type: Slim, Slender, Average, Athletic, Fit, womanly

Height: Comfortable height

Eyes: Pretty

Hair: Good


Sense of Humor: It’s just gotta be there

Social Setting: Happy

Smoking: No worries

Drinking: No worries

Living Situation: With a bunch of girl roommates

Have Kids: Whatever’s clever

Education: Smart in any way

Employment Status: That’d be nice

Occupation: Sugar momma

Income: Yes.

Languages: Lots

I play a skateboarder in New Line Cinema’s, Little Children, out october 20th 2006.  The movie is amazing and you should definitly go see it.  It stars Kate Winslet and Jennifer Connelly and is a well done drama with brilliant direction, good sex scenes, some skateboarding, and you get to see me attempting to act.  Dont miss it!

Something smells like fish. WALKER RYAN doesn't mind, he's going in with a Nollie 180.

Something smells like fish. WALKER RYAN doesn’t mind, he’s going in with a Nollie 180.


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