Once many many years ago, after watching me ride a wave at Swamis, Brad Gerlach paddled up to me and politely said, “Hope you don’t mind the advice, but you should open up your front shoulder more before you lay down a turn.”

I could have told him to fuck off and keep his silly opinions about my shitty style to himself. But I didn’t. I listened to him and worked on opening up my shoulders for the next 20 some odd years. Even today Brad’s advise rattles around in my skull every time I think about carving a frontside roundhouse. Brad is now paid big green to shoot this type information into the skull of Conner Coffin, from the looks of this recent footage it appears to have worked. Peep: Young Wise Tails.

I’ve added a training program into my life similar to this Click Here! (If you wind up buying this surf training program through this link, we will get paid a commission, which will help us keep this website going, thank you in advance).

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