Josh Hoyer

Josh Hoyer

Josh Hoyer

Photos by Tom Carey. Interview by Migdol

Josh Hoyer is attracted to the dark and macabre, he listens to death metal, has a vast collection of skulls.   In preparation for his interview I donned corpse paint, lined my eyes with back eyeliner turned on a little Slayer and dialed his number.   Across the phone lines our conversation danced a dark and evil dance.  Read on my mortal friends.  

Josh Hoyer, I am ready for this interview.  I’ve lit some black candles and I am wearing corpse paint.  I must ask you to do the same.  I will call you back in a few so go and light a few black candles and put on some corpse paint.
My room pretty much looks like that so we are ready to go.

What scares you?  Really scares you down to your core?
The scariest thing for me is not being able to be scared.

What does that mean?
One of my favorite things is to be scared so if I can’t get scared that scares me.

Aside from physical harm what really scares you?
As far as movies I enjoy like apocalyptic movies not just the one guy with an axe that is going to kill a few people.
Josh Hoyer

What kind of nightmares do you have?  Can you think of any that you have had recently?
There was one where a foreign army had attacked the beach in front of my house.  There where like boats and armies landing on the beach.  That was pretty interesting.  I never really have had scary dreams.

Josh Hoyer have you ever felt the presence of a disembodied soul?
I definitely felt some stuff before.  I’ve had instances of lights going out.  Lights will always go out around me.  I’ll be walking down the street and the streetlights will go out and come back on as soon as I pass them.  Also those motion sensor lights will not go on if I walk passed them but as soon as someone else does they go on.  When I was a kid I was sitting in my room and the light came on and turned back off.

Do you think it was the ghost of one of your dead ancestors?
I don’t know but it went off again and came back on and I thought to myself, “If something is actually doing this, do it again”, sure enough it did it again.

Did you try and make contact with it?
No I kinda of just figured it was going to do what ever it was going to do.

So you do believe in ghosts then?
I think that there is something out there.  I don’t know if it is souls from the dead or what but there is definitely something else that is not human wandering around watching us.

What do you think they look like?
I don’t know but you know when you kind of feel like something is around you?

Don’t you think it could be all in your head when you feel that feeling that something is watching you?
Whenever I get those feelings instead of running away from it and saying to myself, “its not real, it’s not real”.  I’ll just be hoping that something is going to happen, [something is going to materialize].

Can you remember anytime something like that happing?
I have one story.  I was doing this video project with this guy SK. We were out in the middle of the day at this abandoned chicken ranch.  We were out in the barn where they kept all the chickens and there was all this machinery that hadn’t been used in years, we were the only ones out there.  There was this second level but there was no latter and no way to get up there.  We were filming and looking around at all the machinery and stuff and we heard footsteps upstairs.  We both looked at each other and SK just freaked out and then we heard them again.  He just wanted to leave so we left. It was creepy.
Josh Hoyer

They say kids are more in tune to the super natural do you have any childhood memories of ghosts?
I remember that when I was a kid I was crying about something and I looked out the window and I swear a skeleton popped up in the window, I told myself I would never cry again.

What do you believe in?
I like to take other path then everyone else takes.   Pretty much my whole philosophy is everyone is going to do what they are going to do.  Killing and stuff the only reason why I wouldn’t do it is because there are laws against it.

Really so you could see yourself killing someone?
I think it would be quite an experience.

So you would be into being in the military and being able to shoot people?
Well not for someone else’s reasons.  I think that if I had the right reason and I weren’t going to go to jail for the rest of my life there might be a chance I could kill someone.

What would you do if you woke up one night and the ghost of Liberace was trying to molest you?
I don’t know.  That is a tough one.  I would probably say no and find another ghost who would kick his ass for me.  How do you fight a ghost?
Josh Hoyer

I don’t know.  Tell me about your skull collection.
It is going well.  I’ve a horse, cow, my mom bought me a sheep’s head,  Natas Kupas gave me a seal skull he found.  I’ve got deer, goats, opossum, dogs, birds, my cat we buried and we found him in our backyard, a pelican skull, I’ve got a rabbit somewhere, people find stuff and grab it for me. My friend got a monkey skull from the Amazon.

No human skulls?
No. No, human skulls, I am pretty disappointed about that.

Are you working on getting a human skull for your collection?
It is kind of hard there are some logistics that are hard to work around with that one.  Someone was telling me that in Hawaii there is a place where you can find an ancient burial ground.

Would you take one of those skulls?
I don’t know.

Don’t you think there might be some sort of curse on them that would fuck you up?
I don’t know but I have talked to some Hawaiians and they are convinced that there is some kind of curse.  But if I went there and I didn’t feel anything bad I would take one.

Are you into Halloween?
Halloween is pretty much the only holiday there is.

What are you going to do for Halloween this year?
I don’t know I should go to a cemetery and creep around.  It’s cool to go and cruise around and read the tombstones.  You really get to realize your mortality.

What do you think happens to you when you die?
I think you go into a box and you go back to the food chain and bugs eat you.  I have no idea what happens.  Some people think they are going somewhere so they live their lives just to get there.  They live their whole lives trying to get to a place they don’t even know about.  I am just going to live and do what ever.

What else do you want to talk about?
That pretty much covers what I am all about.

Do you want to talk about surfing a little bit?
If you want.

Nah I don’t want to.
It is just kind of something to do.  But I am grateful I am making a living doing it.  Some times it sucks because I never feel that I am at the level of ability that I should be at.  All these people have all these expectations and I don’t really like meeting expectations.


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