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Patrick and the Crack Whore 
Sean (Peterson) and Rakestraw, just the three of us, kind of tagged along on some other shoe companie’s tour for a minute and then broke out.  It was across the south and halfway through we’re were just like, “Let’s just drive to Tampa, we’ll go to the contest, screw it, whatever.”  That was all right so we decided to, and we ended up in Birmingham.  We wanted to go visit Ben for a minute and he was kind of busy so we ended up hanging out in Birmingham by ourselves.
	Birmingham is kind of ghetto in the downtown area, there’s, like, good spots and bad spots, and this was obviously one of the more bad spots.  It wasn’t even a skate spot, we just rolled up and thought we could skate something.  Of course, like, junkies kept rolling by, and people kept creeping, and then this hooker came over and was like, “What are y’all doin’?”
	We’re trying to shoot, Sean ‘s got all his gear and stuff, tripods and all this stuff set up and I was like, “Man, you better be ready to break that down and run, quick.”
	Instead, he was just, “Hey, what’s up girl?”  And this chick, man, she was just so busted.  Stretch marks, fuckin’ whatever, but, you know, we’re playful guys, we’re fun, it’s cool.  So, we each had five bucks and Sean’s like, “Hey, let me get a couple shots of you.”  But, she wasn’t into, like, “You can’t take my photo,” but it’s like, you make ten bucks blowing a guy, you can take a couple of photos.  It wasn’t like we were asking her to get naked or anything.  Just pose with my homie here, look cool.
	So, she says, “I’ll take one of those skateboards,” but, what is she gonna do with a skateboard?  She just wanted anything.  “Gimme your camera, gimme this and that,” you know?  I’m like, alright, I’ll give you my skateboard, I don’t care man, just zip your pants up.
	So, she did dude, and it was disgusting.  You would definitely be taken aback, like, “What the hell am I looking at?”  But, we took a couple of photos of her and then she goes, “Where’s my twenty five bucks?”
	But we said we were going to give her ten, what’s this chick talking about now?  But she started getting wild, yelling about her twenty five bucks, like, “Where’s my twenty five dollars?”  Just freaking out on us.  
	So, I started yelling to Sean to start packing up so we can split and it’s getting to the point where I having to physically restrain her.  Meanwhile, Rake’s not feeling this situation at all.  He’s just kind of standing back, and on top of all this it’s starting to rain, and she was, like, calling out for her pimp and stuff.  Basically we had to just push her, get rid of her, pack it up and go.

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